Touchline - 18Flow
May 12, 2019 (updated 2d ago)
(edit: Farewell KIDWITHGUNs, we will miss you. Thanks for all the great reviews! I think it's time to actually give this album a bit of attention.)
I only listened to this cause KIDWITHGUNs has been begging for someone else to listen to it for over a month. I didn't really like it as much as I had hoped, but it definitely wasn't bad for what it is.

I've returned to this album to wrap up my final thoughts. 18Flow is an album from a quite promising new MC from South Africa that doesn't have much weight to it. In fact, my rating has dropped since I first heard it because there's not much pushing this album forward in terms of enjoyability and content, at least in my opinion.
Touchline is actually quite an interesting rapper with a pretty distinct flow and delivery. His lyricism, although sometimes bland and clichéd, definitely has potential and doesn't sound corny. In terms of sound, there's a bit of variety, but Touchline isn't really the kind of rapper that can execute a specific idea comfortably yet. At times, he does sound quite awkward alongside the production. The production I find is the weakest component to this mixtape, as nothing stands out sonically and it really takes away much of the flavor and creativity away from what could've been a pretty solid debut.
On the other hand, I don't think this mixtape is bad at all. I mainly hope that with subsequent releases, Touchline will be able to stick with a coherent sound and if he can, improve the production. Touchline, a promising rapper, delivers an average mixtape that displays talent in many ways, but doesn't quite succeed in delivering a strong debut with an interesting, fully-fleshed out concept or direction.
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May 13, 2019
Ok, a deal's a deal brother. Make a legit review pls
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