Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
Apr 5, 2019
Okay, looks like I have a very unpopular opinion! Please don't kill me, lol. Anyone who's seen my "Everyday" single review probably aren't too surprised with my rating. But let me make it very clear that I don't think you should miss out on listening to this album, cause this is just my personal opinion. This definitely deserves the acclaim it's getting and there's certainly going to be something fascinating that you'll find while listening to this, but it just didn't click with me.

If there's one way I can describe my enjoyment of this album: It's a very well made album that I probably would never want to hear again. Just the fact that this album seems so well constructed has encouraged me to listen to this many times since it leaked, but honestly, I found it quite difficult to finish the album completely in one sitting without making me feel emotionally empty. Again, some people felt much differently than I did, which is understandable.

It's undeniable that what Weyes Blood presents on "Titanic Rising" is well assembled, consistent, and quite beautiful as well. In terms of composition, there's really nothing exceptionally "wrong" about this album, except for maybe a bit of the instrumentation being somewhat bloated at times. However, in terms of albums, I tend to weigh my ratings more on my overall enjoyment rather than what I felt was "objectively" strong about it. For example, an album can be very consistent and unique musically, but if I don't enjoy it, that would greatly affect my score for that album.

While trying to listen to this, I stumbled upon many AOTY user reviews for this and what really caught my attention was just how gorgeous and inspiring some of them are! I think this album really has motivated so many to talk about their deeper feelings, and I truly appreciate and accept that! After reading all these reviews, not only did I notice how much of an emotional impact this album had on some people, but I also noticed how surprisingly distinct these reviews are in terms of how people actually felt. This album, while loved by most, can be experienced very differently depending on the listener, and that evokes many different emotions while you listen to "Titanic Rising". For me, of course, I felt the exact opposite: emotionless.

Overall, I really wanted to like this album like everyone else, but it just didn't grab my interest and I found it nearly impossible to enjoy it fully from start to finish. Very well made indeed, but I just didn't like it. However, there were moments that I appreciate more now from this album, specifically "Movies". I kinda wish she took the extra step for all the other tracks as well. I will say that this is a step in the right direction for Weyes Blood and I hope she develops even more as a true shining artist! Though I enjoyed her last album way more, I do think what she does on "Titanic Rising" is far more ambitious and unique.
Apr 5, 2019
try listening to this album again after a month. maybe it'll change your perception. 😃 i think maybe it triggered because of the album users rating hyped that is going on.
Apr 5, 2019
Thanks! Hopefully it will grow on me, but so far I've already given it many listens and I don't seem to find any of the tracks worthwhile, except for Movies.
Apr 5, 2019
emotions are funny things. everybody thinks that James Blake is great but he just leaves me cold. Natalie Mering on the other hand speaks directly to my heart, even before this record. in any event, thanks for the honest review!
Apr 5, 2019
Gotta love subjectivity haha
Honestly, this was very well articulated, constructive and I think you're right/strong on your points...so yeah aha! Thank you for sharing! Gotta love what people have to say on the other side of the table
Apr 6, 2019
*looks at score*
*ignores review*


But seriously, I respect that you didn't feel the same way about this album as what a lot of other people felt. It's clear you aren't being a contrarian for the sake of being one. Hopefully, as time passes you'll enjoy this album more, but if not that's fine.
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