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Apr 12, 2019
Alright, I am so fucking sick and tired of these bots, but I don't wanna keep giving 0's because of it, so I'm just going to talk about this project since the overall score will still go down with my rating.

This new BTS EP is NOT GOOD.
In what is BY FAR the worst BTS release, the group and their label takes pretty much anything that made their music tolerable, mature, conceptual or influential and flushed them down the toilet! This doesn't sound like BTS. This sounds like something a rip-off of BTS or a parody group would make, not BTS themselves! All the songs on here to me sound uninspired and completely phoned in! Most of it just sounds like BTS musical wank sessions and not something worthy of an EP/album.
At least their previous projects were likeable and tried to focus on a particular concept, even if it didn't always work out! At least their previous projects took risks. I would rather have a hilariously bad BTS album than a bland EP that basically adds nothing to the discography.
Apr 13, 2019
I'm a huge fan of BTS but I completely agree with you. I'm so disappointed in their company for letting this happen. I wouldn't be surprised if BTS themselves are actually disappointed with the EP. I felt like the songs on the album had potential and that the intro track and Boy With Luv basically sounded like BTS but the remaining 5 tracks are just chaotic in terms of production and placement. I really hope BTS doesn't keep going down this path cause if they do they're gonna go downhill :/
Apr 13, 2019
Additionally, I'm surprised they didn't just upload these songs to their Soundcloud instead of putting them on an actual EP. I don't understand how something like this has even happened. The majority of the album sounds like a demo.
Apr 15, 2019
but you keep leaving low ratings even on BTS' old albums, Inglume. I'm curious, what's a 100 for you? you said these are not like BTS songs and it disappointed you, yet you don't even like BTS' old albums?
Apr 15, 2019
It's true that I've never been a big fan of BTS or fully liked any of their albums, but every album I've heard from them, except this one, had at least one standout track that really showed that BTS has a lot of great potential. I am disappointed that BTS is downgrading their sound rather than improving on it. It's very difficult for an album to amaze me enough to be 100-worthy, so anything above 80 means I'm incredibly satisfied with what I'm listening to.
Apr 16, 2019
Um, hello.
I’m not trying to attack you or something but personally, I do enjoy this album more than the last one. I found all the tracks are pleasing and satisfied not because I’m their fan, but because i genuinely do think so. I didn’t quite enjoy the last one as a whole eventhough it was quite meaningful. So I’m just wondering if you can suggest me BTS’s tracks that you consider potentially great before? Thank you.
6d ago
so some bts stans find flaws in the album but still gave it a 100? sounds like being dishonest to me
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