Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
Feb 21, 2020
Ethereal beauty burrowed in complete disarray and mayhem, Miss Anthropocene is a natural extension, cryptically eclectic, A.I. dystopian counterpart to Art Angels that sees Grimes fully taking center stage in ways never seen before. The result, ironically, is her most catastrophically intense and compassionately innate record yet.

Let me just say that I don't think I've ever, over the last decade, been so intensely captured and drenched in a Grimes album as much as I was with Miss Anthropocene. With Grimes taking full presence and, in a natural way, opening up herself to us listeners much more, I felt as if I'd been in the full possession of the enthralling soundscapes and chilling atmosphere through almost its entire 45 minute runtime. My conscience had completely separated from the real world. There, I sat lifeless like a statue, my soul entrapped in a separate dimension, a world of Grimes' haunting fantasies. Overwhelmed by bewilderment, I make an attempt to revert back to reality, but I, a pathetic mortal, am only hooked again into the pure spectacle of chaos. This is the kind of record that demands the viewer's full attention, but regardless, it will still effortlessly lure you into its rampant pop frenzy.

Futuristic and stylistically unhinged, Grimes is in full control of her virtual reality. But, truth of the matter is, in our world, the real world, she strays further away from independence, authority and well-being. From losing friends to heroin overdosage, to battling many stages of depression, to dating a famous/infamous big-tech billionaire, to getting pregnant in the months preceding the release of this album, Claire Boucher has never been so restrained, immobile and bounded, something that directly contrasts her Grimes character. We visibly see Grimes on Miss Anthropocene, in a unique state of suffrage, vulnerability and perhaps, uncertainty. As her darkest album yet, it also serves to be her most eclectic, diverging arrangement of tracks. Often, even with Grimes coming forth front and center, it is heavily contrasted by the messy, eclectic production that hints at things being terribly wrong. This record commendably delivers its fragmented concept less through words, but more through musical immersion. The picture in which is painted through its sound palette emits an empty, uncomforting feeling that would be hard to replicate in the same degree of impact through words. Haunting, harrowing, apocalyptic, hardly do the songs come off playful and content as Grimes' usual energy on Visions and Art Angels.

With the context behind Grimes' rather shaky past few years, it's logical that this is the point in which she's at right now in her career, a state of vulnerability and uncertainty reflected by this record's overall sound. In the well-needed attempt to beautifully open herself up to her audience, her ability to keep up the naturalness in virtuality makes for a powerful, compelling, subtle artistic statement. In all this turmoil though, Grimes doesn't forget the many essential qualities that've made her music so refreshing and exciting since the very beginning. Miss Anthropocene, front to back, is a stunning innovative work full of persistent energy that is the face of pop to come. TL;DR: Incredible!

FAV TRACKS: Violence, Delete Forever, Darkseid, New Gods, 4ÆM, You'll Miss Me When I'm Not Around, IDORU

LEAST FAV TRACK: So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (Art Mix)
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Feb 21, 2020
didn't expect you to love this one because of your distaste for art angels. great review!
Feb 21, 2020
Made me think and consider her art with a Chalmers lens, thank you for the perspective.
Feb 22, 2020
excellent and surprising review! between this album and "The Slow Rush", we clearly have very different positions on the new releases. but it's always very interesting to read a point of view opposite to your own. And your review made me see the album from another perspective, seeing eclecticism as a strong point of the record and not a defect.
Feb 22, 2020
Although we're on opposite sides on Art Angels, this album really proves music needs artists like Grimes. Great review.
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