Flying Lotus - Flamagra
May 19, 2019 (updated Jun 2, 2019)
(update: Fantano single-handedly took away the MUST-HEAR label and brought the avg user score down to 78 and it's still decreasing. The Fantano Effect!)

I'm gonna be a good person and not listen to the leak
Those of you too tempted to wait another few days: cut your ears off, then glue them back on when it officially releases...

...Speaking of ears, Flying Lotus finally brings the 🔥 and drops over an hour of delicious ear candy! I don't know 'bout everyone else but I think this is my fav record from him since Cosmogramma.

Flamagra is by far the producer's most grandiose project yet, with a wide range of guest features and musical ideas. Although Flamagra is quite lengthy as an electronic, instrumentally dominated album, it doesn't disappoint or fail to provide a unique and promising set of fully-fleshed out tracks.

I find that Flamagra is a very hypnotic, mesmerizing, gorgeous, lush, instrumentally potent, satisfying and ethereal experience. There are more ways I can describe this album (or any other Flying Lotus album), but I don't want to fill this review up with 90% adjectives, lol. One thing I've began to notice is that Flamagra works as one identity rather than as 27 individual tracks. Maybe that's why I was not entirely hooked into the singles when they initially dropped. Perhaps this is exactly how Flamagra should be experienced, because most of the album sounds strongly connected and sewn together.

Flamagra is not an outsider to the Flying Lotus discography. In fact, most of the time, it's about as Flying Lotus as Flying Lotus gets. Its jazzy, electronic and ocassionally chaotic sound is pretty recognizable if you've listened to any other album since Cosmogramma, after Los Angeles. However, what makes it stand out in a great way is its atmosphere and the wide range of talent and creativity that's brought to the table after every turn the album takes. Again, this thing is over an hour long and has plenty of tracks that transition into each other minute after minute. Yet, it doesn't get tiring and keeps a suspenseful experience.

Now, that doesn't mean that Flamagra has no occasional lows and more underwhelming points. For an album this long and ambitious, there's bound to be a few odd ends that stick out uncomfortably. For example, though I enjoy the vibe, energy and think that Yellow Belly would work very well by itself, in context with the album, I don't think Tierra Whack fits well with the glistening aesthetic of the album. In addition, some moments in Burning Down The House definitely could have been left out since it does partly ruin the vibe of the album and isn't a very interesting track by itself. Also, I was kind of annoyed by it.

In context with the album, I find Flamagra's second-half to be superior as every track just fits into the aesthetic well and is incredibly fluid as one track transitions to another.

To sum it all up, Flamagra is an exciting auditory journey that almost never takes you out of it. It does have a few underwhelming and questionable moments, but they are incredibly outweighed by all the beautifully arranged components such as the FANTASTIC production and the great versatile guest features! It really makes this album feel like so much more. As perhaps the most accessible Flying Lotus release yet, the record does not fail to take the extra few steps! It creates a dreamy, aesthetically pleasing soundscape that continues to challenge the listener and brings some of the most thrilling musical highlights of the year, maybe decade too.

Great. Fricking. Album.

FAV TRACKS: Heroes, Post-Requisite, More (feat. Anderson .Paak), Spontaneous (feat. Little Dragon), Takashi, Black Balloons Reprise (feat. Denzel Curry), Fire Is Coming (feat. David Lynch), Inside Your Home, Actually Virtual (feat. Shabazz Palaces), Andromeda, Remind U, Debbie Is Depressed, 9 Carrots (feat. Toro Y Moi), Land of Honey (feat. Solange), Thank U Malcolm

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Burning Down The House (feat. George Clinton), Capillaries
May 22, 2019
Inglume is the best user on this website for not listening to the leak
May 22, 2019
van Gogh realness
May 22, 2019
The Endgame of Albums
May 24, 2019
good review homie
Jun 1, 2019
Userrating gone decrease probably because fantano's rating, all sheep. Good review though, love the album
Jun 3, 2019
What was the user score before Fantano's review?
Jun 3, 2019
@SCOLIOS 80-79
Jul 25, 2019
Lmaoooo now it's at a 75
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