AOTY 2020
Slauson Malone - A Quiet Farwell, 2016-2018
Apr 23, 2019 (updated Apr 24, 2019)
Final Verdict: The latest Slauson Malone album is an odd, but very fascinating and exceptional collection of hip hop tracks unlike anything else from this decade! It's uncomforting at first, but eventually clicks and is very pleasing to the ears. Slauson Malone's latest LP is taking music to the next decade, in a very intriguing way. I don't expect everyone to love this, but I am loving every moment of this. Definitely my front-runner for AOTY.

Here's my initial reaction to this album:

Update 1: I'm four tracks in for my first listen to this. This is incredible! It has such a fascinating and unique lo-fi vibe to it. It's unlike any other hip hop album I've heard this decade and it's incredibly enjoyable. I'm amazed!

Update 2: Nine tracks in so far. It's definitely a tough album to comprehend, but I'm appreciating it a lot! It's always great when music takes it a step further successfully to make such an atmospheric, ethereal experience. It just gets more thrilling as the album continues.

Update 3: 16 tracks into the album so far, first listen! This album is continuing to impress and not underwhelm. Apart from tracks 11 and 12, which I was lukewarm about, everything else feels so strangely powerful. This sound collage isn't just a random collection of sounds mixed together. For the most part, it feels so properly assembled, yet very odd in execution. Albums like this are what people would consider "random noise", but this is a generalization because there's certainly more to it.

Update 4: Just finished the album for the first time and it was quite an experience! Admittedly, the last few tracks didn't resonate with me as much as the other songs (they're still quite good though). However, I am really in love with this album's collage of sounds from many corners of music, not just hip hop. I do think this is the kind of music that will definitely stir up a lot of conversation and opinions will be varied. I'm going to rest now and reflect on what I've just listened to. When I have a strong opinion about this, I will give this a rating. As of now, it's my favorite album of the year!
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