Jonas Brothers - Happiness Begins
Jun 7, 2019
"(*inaudible screeching*)" - The girls at Starbucks's not surprising to see why no one is taking this album seriously enough to make a full-length review. Of course, I was stupid to even think about spending the extra couple of minutes writing up this review, but y'know...might as well get the bad stuff over with!

Sitting through the 43 minutes of teen pop "summer jams" multiple times in this Jonas Brothers comeback has made me realize just how depressing and predictable mainstream pop radio music has become in recent years. I haven't even touched the pop radio stations since 2015, but even back then, some of the pop music that was being played was still somewhat fun, catchy and enjoyable.

With this album, we get a series of fabricated radio-friendly pop tunes that do nothing else but to sell and serve as background music in a grocery store. Now, truth is, I wouldn't mind any of this, but this album manages to craft some of the most mind-numbing but also incredibly boring and uneventful set of summer jams I've heard in the past few years. It's painfully generic and predictable structure really turns these "catchy" tunes into depressing ones. After repeated listens, you would just want this thing to be over. I can barely tell any of these tracks apart from each other, except the singles, so you're not getting a tolerable album experience either.

On the brighter side of things, I actually don't mind most of the vocals on this album. In fact, I'd say that the Jonas Brothers themselves are probably the most tolerable thing about it, and when comparing it to other albums from them, it's above average. However, the delivery of these songs are still below mediocrity because everything else falls apart. If you're not at least crazily obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, I highly doubt you will find any substance or enjoyment, so I'd suggest to just skip this entirely. It's honestly not worth the time.

For an album ironically titled "Happiness Begins", it sucks the soul out of you and leaves you depressed. Plus, it's devoid of any character or substance and sounds super cliché.


You know what would actually be a better summer jams album that's actually catchy, fun and engaging? Ween - The Mollusk! Why am I bringing this up? Well, you'll see...
It's June and I'm sick and tired of hearing these corporate-based summer pop albums that make you feel empty inside. I want to hear something that actually brings a smile to my face! ;)
Inglume's Tags
Jun 8, 2019
Oooo, Ween binge review hype.
Also really great review dude, I am avoiding this album like the devil.
Jun 8, 2019
I was gonna do an actual review, but then I asked Twitter if this was worth hearing and they said nah
Jun 8, 2019
@PipePanic Yep, you guessed right! But I'm not binge reviewing all Ween albums at once, of course! I will eventually get to most of them though. Nice to see that you've kept your words and avoided the Jonas Brothers haha
@thomasny18 More proof that no one actually cares about this album. :/
Jun 9, 2019
@Inglume the reception of this album is giving me HEAVY DJ Kalhid vibes, by that I mean no one gives a single shit about it haha
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