SamuraiBird - My Weird, but Average Morning
Jul 10, 2019
Very HOT take: My Weird, but Average Morning > Titanic Rising

Shoutout to @KingKRoolisBack for making this album! Keep it up man, hope to hear more from you! :)

So the title perfectly describes the morning experience I had with this album: Weird, but Average.

But honestly, I wouldn't say that this was a weird experience at all. Although there were occasionally experimental musical ideas and sounds (some that I like and some that I don't), I thought this was a very easy-going album! It's pleasant to have playing in the background, though it's not something I'd return to frequently. It's simple, straightforward, but pretty low-impact.

Although most of it just goes in from one ear and out the other, there are some moments that I am impressed by. I'm actually very surprised that the 7-minute Japanese Glitter track kept my attention! Most of it was catchy and pleasant despite me not liking the last minute of it and the fact that it ends too abruptly. I also really liked the melodies and aesthetics of tracks like Garfield and Super Monkey Ball. They sound imaginative and fun! It definitely sounds like a lot of passion was put into this project and I appreciate that!

I think this project is still very rough around the edges, parts of it seem unfinished and there just could've been more to it that can excel these musical ideas into well put-together tracks like some of my favs on this album. I think my main problem is how most of it jumps from one idea to another without further progressing the songs. As a result, I feel pretty empty listening to this album as a whole even if the beats sound pretty pleasant to the ears.

The production is obviously not top-quality but it doesn't need to be in my opinion. I think this definitely has its charm and personality! I genuinely hear a lot of potential with this rough, indie electronic aesthetic. I just think that this sound hasn't really reached its full potential with My Weird, but Average Morning.

I didn't know what to expect with this album, but now I'm intrigued to hear where SamuraiBird will take this sound next! Obviously, I wasn't expecting this album to be like major record label quality, so I'm not going to try and compare it to anything else that I love (80+ albums). However, for what it is, I think it's an average, but fair project. Thanks! :)

FAV TRACKS: Japanese Glitter, Garfield, Super Monkey Ball

6d ago
Thanks man for the review! It was really well written! Also, don’t tell anybody, but me and Brad are working on a single together called, “Shrek.”
6d ago
@KingKRoolisBack I accidentally found out earlier cause I saw your convo with him.
6d ago
Also, I’m may be or not be working on another solo album, but you’re just gonna have to wait and see
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