Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿
Oct 4, 2019
"Everybody say you got a lot to be proud of. Been bumpin' Danny Brown this whole time, don't realize what I done!" -me, 2019

Detroit rapper Danny Brown is back at it with a straightforward, but nonetheless charismatic and pristine studio album! After dropping one of the most off-the-wall hip hop releases in 2016, Atrocity Exhibition, an intoxicating, dark and mind-bending record, uknowhatimsayin¿ is a change in pace that's best described as Danny's "Feel-Good" album.

I'm sure many people were really skeptical about the direction Danny was heading on this album as soon as it was announced. Although it had been confirmed very early on that uknowhatimsayin¿ would be more focused on "dope rhymes" and "no weird concepts", Danny Brown has proven time and time again that he's one hell of an unpredictable figure! Plus, he was still signed to Warp Records, so expectations were that this was going to be experimental to some degree.

Danny Brown is not the type of artist to stick to just one concept or sound for a couple of albums. Since his raw and very rough-around-the-edges debut album, The Hybrid, he has released XXX, a very vibrant, abstract, chunky breakthrough project, Old which is a fascinating, hard-hitting collection of hip hop party bangers and Atrocity Exhibition, possibly his most emotionally captivating, consistent, chilling and alien record to date! With uknowhatimsayin¿, it was made clear from the singles that Danny was indeed taking a more simplistic approach. Although I loved 2 of the 3 singles, I was hoping that with a more calm, laid-back hip hop release, Danny would still be able to deliver a fascinating, enjoyable and charming hip hop record.

With a short run-time of 33 minutes, Danny Brown doesn't disappoint and delivers a consistently groovy, catchy and entertaining album experience that's incredibly well-executed! uknowhatimsayin¿ is exclusively a studio album that's very Danny. While Atrocity Exhibition had Danny mentally suffering, in pain and crying for help, uknowhatimsayin¿ finds Danny in a much happier, stable place. It's not a wonderland, but nonetheless, this is probably the happiest we've seen Danny Brown in years. After all, "ain't no next life, so now I'm tryna live my best life!"

And I think this change in mood and attitude does play a key role in the appeal and enjoyment of a project like uknowhatimsayin¿. On the surface level, a 33-minute straightforward hip hop bangers project isn't anything exciting to get very hyped up about, but in the case of Danny Brown, it's a thrilling, colorful, vibrant, exciting detour, especially for fans who've stuck around since The Hybrid-era and just want a Danny album. I know that's what I felt about this album!

The production on this album is an amazing set of delicious artificial ear candy! Contributions from Q-Tip definitely give this simple album the extra boost, and it's pretty damn immaculate! Danny's lyrics and bars on the other hand are nothing to ignore either. They're some of the funniest, most clever, and just down-right ridiculous stuff you'll hear on a hip hop project this year. Although Danny Brown's voice is a lot less insane, more standard and not very "yelpy" like with previous projects, it is a breath of fresh air to just hear Danny in such a relaxed, calm state. uknowhatimsayin¿ is, in a nutshell, just a very fun album with lots of personality and character!

It's by no means his most exciting or fulfilling project. Despite the generally excellent execution from front to back, there are a few moments and songs that are a little rough, not as dense or lacking of something unique or special to push it over the edge. Tracks like 3 Tearz and the title track for example are better on the album, but are somewhat underwhelming. Of course, I don't love it as much as Atrocity Exhibition. Although pretty engaging, it's not as fresh and adventurous. There's not as much material on uknowhatimsayin¿ that you would find on previous Danny Brown records. Despite all that, this is still an incredibly solid banger album with so much personality, fun and spectacular production moments, I struggle to not call it one of Danny's stronger albums yet!

For those that had anticipated another off-the-wall roller-coaster of an album like Atrocity Exhibition, uknowhatimsayin¿ probably won't satisfy your cravings too much. On the contrary, if you just love hearing Danny Brown and want something to look forward to in this less active time of year, don't miss out on it!

One last thing: Dirty Laundry has literally one of my all-time favorite Danny Brown tracks! I love it so much, I think I have an addiction at this point!

FAV TRACKS: Theme Song, Dirty Laundry, Belly of the Beast, Savage Nomad, Best Life, Negro Spiritual, Shine

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Oct 7, 2019
This is getting the srs treatment. At first ppl be like ooh this shit underwhelming and then it grows on them. This WAS dissapointing to me when it first came out now its simply growing on me
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