Denzel Curry - ZUU
May 31, 2019
Honestly, the only reason I'm disappointed is cause this 13ANGERZ album has 12 TRACKS AND NOT 13!! ...And there's my random joke of the day!

On a more serious note, ZUU didn't click with me. Everytime I listened to it, I forgot about how most of the tracks sounded like. Obviously, I expected this album to be a set of trap bangers with not a lot of depth to it, but I definitely was still very excited for it. Denzel is one of my fav current rappers at the moment and for good reasons! He has great charisma, flow, lyricism, etc. I expected this to really be a very fun and incredibly catchy album with Denzel still delivering to the best of his ability!

However, after giving it 6 to 7 listens, I honestly think that this album is very flat. The bangers are either boring or obnoxious to me. The production and Denzel's delivery are two of the strongest aspects of a Zel album, but here, it just seems so lacking. I probably would have made this review much earlier, but I gave this album many many chances cause I really do enjoy Denzel's music.

In addition to the underwhelming bangers, ZUU is littered with unnecessary interludes that add almost nothing to the album apart from filling up runtime. The features don't deliver much in terms of memorable verses at all and just come off as filler to me almost all the time. Denzel is definitely the most interesting part of ZUU, just like in every other album, but I find his delivery annoying and messy on tracks like "P.A.T." or "SHAKE 88". Meanwhile, tracks like "AUTOMATIC" and "CAROLMART" feature the most forgettable verses Denzel has ever laid onto a project.

I'm glad everyone's enjoying ZUU for what it is: a 13ANGERZ album. While I wouldn't say I'm disappointed (even though it sounds like I am), I definitely expected a bit more cause I found this to be so boring and forgettable.


LEAST FAV TRACKS: SHAKE 88 (feat. Sam Sneak), CAROLMART (feat. Ice Billion Berg), P.A.T (feat. PlayThatBoiZay)

Unnecessarily Long Rant:
So I've been reading plenty of reviews for ZUU up to this point. While most are generally quite positive, I've noticed a few pretty negative ones, mainly from disappointed fans. Obviously, this isn't a problem at all cause that's the point of AOTY: to give opinions. However, what I do notice is that some people are bringing up this album to claim that Denzel has "fallen off" or "took a step in the wrong direction". While all of these statements are subjective, I would say that they're pretty BS. ZUU is obviously not Denzel's best work, it's mainly a victory-lap album for him after TA13OO and Imperial. To say that Denzel "fell off" or "is going the wrong direction" is unfair because clearly this isn't supposed to be anything mind-blowing like perhaps his other albums. Plus, even if you were very disappointed in what Denzel had to offer in this light-weight album, it's just one album. You can't expect one of you fav artists to impress you everytime, cause it's their choice on what they want to make, whether you like it or not. Giving up on an artist just because their most recent release disappointed you doesn't make you a good fan of their music. If you truly liked the artist's music, you wouldn't be making these statements after just one or two albums to begin with. Also, you can respect an artist's musical direction without liking the music itself. For example, I understand that ZUU is a more celebratory album that has little depth to it. Even though it would've been great to hear more albums like TA13OO or Imperial, I respect the fact that Denzel just wanted to make some party trap songs for his and other's enjoyment, even if I find it to be stale and boring.
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