Shibusashirazu Orchestra - Shibuboshi (渋星)
Mar 14, 2020
Simply cannot discuss this incredible big band jazz record without giving my man Kyle, @NewDawnFadez, a shoutout! From one of Japan's most notable jazz orchestras, Shibuboshi was undeniably a fun, unforgettable oriental journey that sparkles in its grandiose presentation!

Elegance filtered in immaculate chaos, it's easy to describe the experience as "larger-than life". Its enthralling, continually intense compositions, arranged by 30+ immensely passionate musicians, make for an explosive free-flowing jazz record so intense, it's difficult to imagine quite like it that's as concise (record sits at just over an hour, but feels like so much more). Even for the continuously re-inventive, refreshing avenue of experimental big band, avant-garde jazz music, there is a distinctive level of energy in Shibuboshi that firmly stands by itself.

Part of me thinks to myself, "this simply can't be done without seeming all-over-the-place", yet at the same time, it appears to be so carefully assembled and complete in its final form. The instrumentation is huge, overwhelming, but beautifully layered. The touches of piano, bass and percussion active in the background may seem erratic, but never fails at adding to the intense, diversely rhythmic atmosphere. As a result, hardly anything feels out of place. So natural, yet clearly messy, there will surely be something within the hour of madness that'll throw your mind in a loop! Hearing so many incredible jazz-inspired elements mixed in with traditional oriental come together for such a momentous project, the level of ambition is outstandingly inspiring and majestic! Diving deep into the madness, taking any moment possible to look back on the record's alluring qualities, I convince myself, "this is the big band jazz record I needed, but never thought I'd be asking for".

Is Shibuboshi on the same level of emotional resonance as jazz masterpieces from innovative minds like Miles Davis and Charles Mingus? Considering how little room you're left with to breathe and reflect upon your journey along the way, I'd say not really. But when this many musicians come together for a project so full of natural energy, talent, doing it for the love of music, it is a rare, but very special event. The least we could do is appreciate the moment when it comes. Embrace the music!

In a word: Astounding. Cannot recommend it enough!

FAV TRACKS: Images, Quasar, PA!, Akkan, In The Image of Images, Theme of Honda Kohmuten

LEAST FAV TRACK: Space Is The Place
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Mar 15, 2020
Now I know what I'm going to listen to at home, confined because of the coronavirus situation. Thanks Johnny!
Mar 15, 2020
@WhatTheFunk No problem, be sure to thank Kyle too! But most importantly, do stay safe and healthy.
Mar 23, 2020
I am getting a lot of Atrocity Exhibition vibes.
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