Peppa Pig - My First Album
Jul 18, 2019 (updated Jul 18, 2019)
Several years ago, Peppa Pig was television's underdog. Today, she's dropping what's possibly the best album of all time.

LISTEN UP PLEBS, THIS AIN'T A JOKE. 😤 For those that actually think the conscious, in-depth, socially aware, powerful themes that this album explores is a joke and would rather make sex jokes about an underaged cartoon pig, you're part of the problem!

Hidden behind the innocence is a societal critique and exploration of human and animal worth through an intricately crafted arrangement of sounds widely influenced from many parts of the world. This is the greatest example of "don't judge a book by its cover"! This record tells a story, a story of a young Peppa Pig, or maybe many a young pig from a childrens tv show. Caught up in dreams of success, peer pressure, drugs, gang violence. My First Album is a fantastic, nuanced, and very DETAILED character portrait.

This is really Peppa Pig's breakout album. As a debut, Peppa Pig is sounding less like an outsider and more as a figure that will inspire a new generation. The classic Peppa Pig we know that goes to school and listens to grown-up music is no more. Instead, what we get is a Peppa Pig that's willing to challenge the society around her and talk down upon societal norms. The record is very politically-charged, with Peppa Pig going head-to-head with the Trump administration on major social issues such as ethnicity, race, immigration, taxes and dank memes.

However, Peppa Pig doesn't stop there. Instead of trying to spread an agenda to the themes she explores on My First Album, she delivers a very independent, refreshing view on global issues. Instead of saying "this good, that bad", she leaves the listeners to decide. Despite all the societal themes this album potently discusses, it still stays true to its childish roots, and there really is something to admire about that.

The fact that Peppa Pig could turn many of the problems faced by mankind today and shapeshift it into an entire childrens album filled with pure innocence is an ironic portrayal of the great values of life. Sometimes we think that we're just not worth it and that the world has it against us. We don't have to feel this way, and Peppa Pig excellently uses her great abilities to remind us that there is always someone in the world that cares. Everyone deserves to feel happy like Peppa Pig in life.

What's probably the best line on this album is when Peppa Pig goes anti-vaccine mode and delivers this intellectual, well-thought out piece of poetry:

"2018, I'm finna reclaim my fucking time and cop the Rollie flooded
Maxine Waters, fuck your poison, keep your vaccines off us"

As a whole, that wraps up the conceptual part of the album. However, My First Album doesn't kick into full gear until you really begin to appreciate the finer details put into the sonic direction of this album. If there are ways to describe the overwhelmingly mind-blowing sound, it's alien, otherworldly, widely experimental, but also emotionally captivating! When Peppa Pig plays the xylophone, it can make any alpha male humanoid creature cry!

The production is insanely questionable, because our feeble human minds cannot fully comprehend the sounds we are hearing in a way that we can explain. We understand where all these sounds are coming from since it's a culturally diverse set of musical ideas, but it's difficult to pin down just what makes it so intricate and life-changing. My First Album is a thought-provoking piece because philosophers and humanity's greatest minds can't seem to digest the quantity of material presented on it. And that's what makes it probably mankind's greatest achievement: an album by a cartoon pig.

Music is a form of expression. Music makes you feel. Music may let you experience things you may never ever experience ever again and change you as a person. And that's what this album is. Over 100,000+ years of human evolution has led to this point in human and the universe's history. Peppa Pig has achieved the impossible and has made a perfect album that will go down in history.

One day, alien lifeforms will harness the power of My First Album to glitch out the entire universe and cause a break in the space-time continuum! For now, we simply live in a society.

There will never ever be another album like My First Album
There will never ever be another artist like Peppa Pig
There will never ever be a creature as powerful as Peppa Pig

This album will go unappreciated, but in the end, no one will deny this album's greatness.

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Jul 18, 2019
This is basically the review form of that one Lanasga Cat video with the Pipe comic strip
Jul 18, 2019
what have i done
Jul 18, 2019
Jul 18, 2019
did you seriously add the tag post-pig
Jul 19, 2019
fantastic review, thank you for your insightful thoughts.
Jul 19, 2019
@PipePanic yes. You got a problem with that?
Jul 19, 2019
@Inglume no but I put respect on that
Aug 3, 2019
honestly i don’t see the difference between this and tpab
5d ago
Holy FISHSTICKS. 100 Likes! :O
3d ago
2d ago
@oh Actually, it's 69, the best number
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