Angel Olsen - All Mirrors
Oct 6, 2019
At long last, Angel Olsen has finally won me over! :D

Before I go on with my review, I'd like to preface by saying that I don't get the comparisons between this and Titanic Rising. Sure, they stem from the same avenue of art and baroque pop, but Weyes Blood and Angel Olsen are two distinct vocalists with their own style, ambitions and personality. To me, it's like saying I'll like Freddie Gibbs if I like Pusha T cause they both rap about drugs.

Anyways...I've never found much interesting or distinct about Angel Olsen and her previous projects to care about all that much. Although her other albums were pretty solid and filled with potential, Angel Olsen was simply not the kind of artist that made music I found myself coming back to. All Mirrors, however, is that extra sugar in the fruit punch I was looking for! A breathtaking, soulful, vocally stunning and ethereal collection of well-assembled tracks, All Mirrors is an admirable improvement on all fronts, her most impressive and ambitious release to date!

All Mirrors sees Angel Olsen embarking herself into new uncharted musical territory. It's a nice transition from the more mellow, and slower elements of her last album, My Woman, into a more grand, uplifting, intriguing chamber pop sound with some elements of psychedelia and orchestral music. A lot of elements within Angel Olsen's music up to this point have already been well-introduced in the art pop scene and aren't too special or unique, but Angel Olsen takes these elements into something specifically her own. The result is a beautifully stringed together collage of sounds and ideas that make for a cohesive and interesting album!

Angel Olsen does make good use of her influences too. Angel Olsen may not be one of my favorite art pop voices currently, but there's rarely a moment on here where I feel like I'd much rather hear someone else perform these songs than Angel Olsen herself. If we're talking about any similarities, I don't hear that Titanic Rising sound on here. Instead, a handful of tracks give me some young Kate Bush, Nico and Chelsea Wolfe vibes a lot more, and I definitely dig it!

There are still moments that don't quite leave a long-lasting impression on me. While it is truly a great, cohesive record with a lot to come back to, All Mirrors is still a new sound for Angel Olsen. To me, All Mirrors is more of a fantastic transition into a new direction than it is a fully stunning, enchanting album experience. All Mirrors is a great album because it takes good use of a lot of the potential she had up until this point, but it's also an album that has opened new doors for Angel Olsen, and I'm interested to see where she takes it from here.

If you found yourself really liking the album's singles or you're just new to Angel Olsen and want to hear more from her, I'd say that this is a good starting point.

FAV TRACKS: Lark, All Mirrors, Spring, Impasse, What It Is, Chance

LEAST FAV TRACK: New Love Cassette
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