Hermann Nitsch - Albertina Quartett
Oct 7, 2019
[AOTY Album Randomizer: #9]

"Nitsch’s outrageous works are referred to as Orgien Mysterien Theater and involve blood, animal entrails, and nudity" Oh boy, here we go...

I love you AOTY. Out of all the things you could've picked, you just randomly recommended to me some 81-year old crazy Austrian Gandalf-like bearded man with a cute fedora music, and it's by far one of the most unique, and one of my favorite musical experiences of 2019!

Let me make it extra clear that this is no work of art from an ordinary man. This is Hermann Nitsch, an avant-garde artist and music composer whose works are so bat-shit insane, he's had to go through several court trials and served in three prison terms. This is definitely the guy you'd want to hang out with, the same guy that splashes blood onto the wall and puts it on display as a painting.

Essentially, Hermann Nitsch is the kind of artist that would get ripped apart very, VERY badly if he was a lot more well-known. Just going through his works of art, I can already picture a scene in my head: Paul Joseph Watson's next edition of "Modern Art is Shit! Libtards Destroyed" where he wets his panties over Nitsch's "D E G E N E R A T E" antics.

But of course, art is a marvelous world of subjectivity. With this live piece of music, Albertina Quartet, hidden beneath all the chaos is a surprisingly intimate, beautiful, hypnotic and immersive arrangement of sounds. Combining some of the best elements of avant-garde, modern classical and drone, Albertina Quartett is a haunting, atmospheric, symphonic journey into another world.

Sitting down with this record in a single listening session, alone outside in the bright sunlight, it's hard to realize just how quickly time passes around you. This live album is 92 minutes long, but with each fulfilling second, moment and minute, you get something new and intriguing that just takes you away. It's a spiritual, out-of-body, psychologically devastating yet also calming barrage.

No doubt one of my favorite albums of 2019, this thing is wild! It's not something I quite expected for a modern classical, drone piece. Hit or Miss? It's a HIT. This record is making me crazy and meditative at the same time.

Although I do recommend this to everyone, I suggest to listen to this while you're alone. You don't want to be caught in public listening to Hermann Nitsch. For all you know, that one guy in your campus could peek at what you're listening to, do a quick Google search, and call the cops on you.

Once again, god bless the AOTY Random Album button!


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