Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding
Sep 6, 2019
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2019: Shoves Ozzy Osbourne into a trap rap song and "While I'm takin’ a shit, look at the plaques on the wall"

Yeah guys, this Post Malone dude is really fucking innovative! Can't wait to hear him shove Merzbow next to Lil Tecca rapping over a flute beat on the next album!

I've never been a big fan of Post Malone at all, but he did win me over quite a bit with his last full-length effort, B&B! As a record, it was certainly enjoyable and memorable (I still dance crazily like the old man in the "Wow" music video when I hear Candy Paint). It made me appreciate Post as an artist with soothing vocals, great trap production. Now, going into Hollywood's Bleeding, it's fair to say that I wasn't expecting much in terms of ambition. Since it's Post Malone, I anticipated that he'll just stick with what his usual schtick: making trap rap bangers. Maybe he'd throw in a couple of unique ideas (like he did on B&B with "Stay"). The singles were fairly decent, but nothing that really stood out.

And so, I listened to Hollywood's Bleeding in my spare time, and...damn. I wish I spent that time somewhere else, cause this was a forgettable and boring mess of an album!

Just going through the album and taking note of how each separate track sounds, an immediate critique one can make about this album is the fact that it doesn't know what the hell it actually wants to be. On one end, you have indie-influenced, pop-flavored tracks like Circles that show a more fragile side of Post, and on the other, we immediately switch into a series of generic trap songs that we've heard from Post plenty of times before. Generally, I wouldn't have a problem at all if this album was simply decent bangers from start to end, but on Hollywood's Bleeding, it's like Post was aiming to develop more as a creative figure, but ultimately falls short or completely abandons it.

Hollywood's Bleeding is Post's safest and least ambitious record, mainly to appeal greatly to mainstream audiences. Now, there's nothing wrong about playing it safe! With B&B, Post essentially does the same thing, but that record turned out to be pretty enjoyable. One thing that really separates this record from his last is the fact that overall, this is a pretty flavorless album! Unlike the more colorful, hard-hitting, energetic and strong trap production on B&B, this album has a lot weaker, forgettable production, painfully uninteresting melodies, bloated/boring delivery from Post and most of the guest features and even some obnoxious moments too.

This album did start off quite strong with the title track and Saint-Tropez. Although they were fairly short, it did feature some solid vocals, great production and an overall suspenseful atmosphere to kick the album off. Die For Me has some surprisingly solid performances from the guest features Future and Halsey. Circles and Staring At The Sun are some really gorgeous tracks. Goodbyes, on the other hand, fits really nicely on the album towards the end.

However, even though there are some fairly solid highlights from time to time, it doesn't change the fact that as a cohesive album experience, Hollywood's Bleeding fails to meet expectations and ends up as a really dull, underwhelming release. Enemies and Allergic are both obnoxious tracks that are incredibly predictable. Take What You Want is a failed attempt at trying to crossover some rock influence (hence the Ozzy Osbourne feature that doesn't sound like it belongs) with modern day trap. Sunflower seems poorly placed and Wow, although decent, is a horrible choice as a closer!

More importantly, this album doesn't offer much appeal. There's really not much interesting that would warrant any more listens. It's not a terrible record. It's pretty inoffensive and straightforward, but ultimately, taking the safe route also happens to be this album's downfall. Instead of getting a fun, enjoyable release, it's like trying to get through a really boring lecture, in trap rap form.

FAV TRACKS: Hollywood's Bleeding, Saint-Tropez, Circles, Die For Me, Staring At The Sun, Goodbyes

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Enemies, Allergic, Myself
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Sep 12, 2019
My cousin ran into him back then when she was going to meet SkyDoesMinecraft lmao
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