Kanye West - JESUS IS KING
Oct 26, 2019 (updated Dec 21, 2019)

Lifelike, this what Kanye's life like?, tryna' review Yeezy right
JIK crawlin' outta nowhere like sewer mice
Album's like a church choir, but really very Kanye-like
Every single track like, Christian's holy Sunday night
I was tryna' take my time, it didn't click with me right
I was wearing red flannels thinking Kanye wasn't bright
I was tryna' ignore the whole album just like Pipe
Then I cleared my whole mind, realized this what I like
Took a big JIK bite, now I'm feeling so white
Hit the replay button, bumpin' Christian Kanye all night
Heard the bad 4th track and I thought "Man, this ain't Christ-like"
But I'm Canadian, I don't even know what Chick tastes like
Album's pretty fun for me, it's pleasant-sounding to me
Unironically want to go watch his IMAX movie
Listened again and I see, this actually not a 3
Yes, I liked it finally, been a day, it's 6 from me
Religious Kanye's fine, this just what his life's like
Heard the Pi'erre Bourne beats and I thought "Man, this ain't Christ-like"
I'm just really glad, Kanye's looking for a new way
No more "Slavery a choice", not going in the fool way
Still, kinda unfinished, but it sounds decent though
Not really his worst, though, nowhere near his best, though
A nice change in direction and the album doesn't blow
Hearing Kanye's singing? A little hard to handle
But hey, it's really lifelike, peek into Ye's nice life
Still hear some rapping and I thought "Man, this ain't Christ-like"

You know it's like
Kanye just woke up in church and wanted to make music
I was basically like
No way this man is dropping Friday
It's all good, then I hear the news
Twitter got crazy, then AOTY feed starts spazzin' on me
I can't spazz back, thought "Man, this ain't Christ-like"


Yeah, Follow God is one of my favorites off the album.

Anyways, this was a surprising Kanye album for me, and it's quite a decent one, to say the least. My initial reaction to this was "Wow, this sounds so bad. Doesn't even seem unfinished." However, putting aside all the controversy regarding Kanye and all the shit that went on during the months awaiting this Jesus Is King release, as it stands on its own, I find it to be quite a fun album.

Jesus Is King serves as an interesting turn for Kanye into gospel, Christian music. While it may not sound entirely complete as a whole product and very rough around the edges, it's a fairly enjoyable record with solid features, and nice Kanye performances to counterbalance the awful and boring elements. I've been anticipating Kanye to dive down into his more religious side, and he's hinted to it with albums like The Life of Pablo. In terms of style, this is most like TLOP, but pretty alien to most of Kanye's discography.

A wild ride to say the least. Kanye's not on his A-game in terms of bars, flows n' lyrics (*insert joke about his Chick Fil-A line*), but it's still a relatively personal and even genuine Kanye record. Kanye is exposing his proud religious side a bit, and you can tell he's quite dedicated to make this kind of music. Seeing an artist be quite genuine with their music is really the reason why such a rough, poorly-put together Kanye album can stand out by itself. Some of Kanye's singing can come off as irritating, but it's more heartwarming in my opinion.

It's really not a bad listen. Can't call it his worst album. It's a nice change in pace that's somewhat intriguing. Plus, it's a really entertaining listen, with Kanye being the unpredictable maniac that he is. At times, beautiful, at other times, eye-rolling, the album is a fairly mixed bag with some redeeming qualities to it.

I'm glad I was able to sit down with this record for another day before reviewing it. Putting aside how polarizing of a figure Kanye is, Jesus Is King is a worthy addition to his discography, despite its many flaws.

FAV TRACKS: Selah, Follow God, Everything We Need, God Is, Use This Gospel

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Closed on Sunday, Hands On
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Oct 26, 2019
I Agree. You mimicked a lot of my thoughts!
Oct 26, 2019
You SO don't think this is experimental.
Oct 26, 2019
@dumbmoonlight I tagged that before the album release cause it's Kanye ffs lol
Oct 26, 2019
At least we can all agree "gospel rap" is a thing now and we may fear for our lives safely.
Oct 26, 2019
release Inglume Is King pls
Oct 26, 2019
@hermit I asked my dad, he said "it ain't Christ-like".
Oct 28, 2019
Nov 24, 2019
The greatest review
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