Poppy - I Disagree
Jan 10, 2020
Here I am cozy at home, chilling by my desk with a pack of crackers and a bowl of wonton soup, writing this review and trying to get a grasp of this puzzling new Poppy album. My thoughts on it? Well...

The more I evaluate Poppy's evolution as a musician and Internet personality, the more I am engulfed in frustration. On one hand, kudos to Poppy for rightfully parting ways with Titanic Sinclair! Not letting an abuser take control of your creative freedom is essential to the well-being and growth of an artist. With her major musical endeavors, it's no surprise that she still continues to impress most fans. But on the other hand, her peculiar persona is really wearing thin. I Disagree perfectly exemplifies my loss of interest for Poppy, and showcases a trend of pop metal fusions that's soon to become awfully dated.

Truth be told, listening to this record has made me come to the realization that I enjoyed Poppy way more as just a simple, odd YouTube personality: interviewing plants, repeating her stage name over and over again, and making insanely cheesy, colorful, catchy pop music. Ironically, there was an element of novelty and cleverness that maintained some form of interest and memorability in her character. Following a lot of media exposure, releasing her first few studio albums and even piloting a YouTube Red series, her growth as an artist is respectable, but seems to have pivoted against the charm and appeal of the persona she built and originated from, at least from my perspective.

As much as I initially enjoyed the first few singles, they've aged like milk. Frankly, it's awfully more tiring listening to Poppy attempt abrasive pop and metal than sticking with her more playful pop roots. Now, of course I can appreciate some artistic innovation, experimentation and variety, but hardly is there a moment on this album where these elements blend together pleasingly. The whole Poppy goes HARDCORE and EDGY shtick is fun at first, but gets old quick, and I Disagree certainly doesn't add much in terms of coherency, creativity and value to prevent its faucet from running dry. This record just puts too much backbone on immediate shock value. "Hey Ma, Look at Poppy pretend to hang on a cross!" "Wow, listen to the absolute volume and intensity of those metal guitars!". A lot of effort? Yes, but very very trite and stale.

I Disagree does show some musical inventiveness towards the end. Sick of the Sun and Don't Go Outside, despite some rough mixing, are relatively exciting and grandiose tracks I wish were more prominent through most of the tracklisting. Bland, oversaturated production on top of awkward, irritating Poppy vocals is certainly not my cup of tea. 🍡

FAV TRACKS: Sick of the Sun, Don't Go Outside, I Disagree

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Sit/Stay, Bite Your Teeth, BLOODMONEY, Fill The Crown
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Jan 10, 2020
For some reason the dated sound is what I like about the album
Jan 13, 2020
I find the character of poppy really interesting. Like she's 100% crafted but she 100% plays with it. The shift in metal is actually pretty logical as she iniates it through years with chaotic effects (i remember the first video of her and videos from 2 years ago. Pretty scary), specially with some songs from am i a girl. I kind of agree with you in one point. I think it's kinda gimmicky and I don't know where she will go in the future with such thin trend. Maybe she will evolve in her own chaos, not in between chaos and polished image.
Feb 1, 2020
totally agree with you here
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