Lady Gaga - Chromatica
May 29, 2020
Gaga In Your Area.

When you're no longer pushing pop boundaries and instead resorting to cheap, sterile nostalgia for ineffectual party bangers, just how quickly does the formula begin to wear thin? The pop diva's latest collection of pop tunes attempt at capturing the catchy, anthemic glory of her Fame Monster days, but severely lacks the intriguing pop presence that defined those iconic pop hits to begin with. Chromatica's aspirant, loud party anthems are instead derivative, stark pop songs soon to be rotated and recycled out of the radio queue once other attention-grabbing Top 40 hits come to replace it.

Chromatica simply doesn't work as a Lady Gaga album, it's merely a Gaga album in name. The frustrating fact is anyone relevant in the current mainstream pop scene right now could've pulled together this exact product. Same tracklist, same features, same beats and vocal arrangements. The same may not be said for 'The Fame Monster', as the one element that separated Gaga from her contemporaries was, well, Gaga. The fierce, thrilling yet natural pop figurehead who effortlessly rocked pop music in the late 2000s is now, at best, a shadow of her former self. On one hand, it tries too hard to bring back those iconic party anthems fans have been dying to feast on, coming off as far too strained in performance to deliver a satisfying meal of catchy, fun pop tunes. On the other, it tries little to capture that same ambition, the end product comes off far more ear-piercing than groovy. This is evident in the album's amusingly lazy, tacky Eurodance additions and Gaga repeatedly underusing her vocals. Moments like 'Sour Candy' will perhaps leave a confused listener asking "Is this just a Blackpink song featuring Lady Gaga?" as Gaga takes the back seat, rides and panders to the recent K-Pop wave poorly.

Chromatica is essentially those "fancy" dishes you order at those remote restaurants you stop by to eat in. The image you're presented with on the deceiving menu looks delicious and nice, but you're presented with a stale-looking meal that looks nothing like what you ordered. Of course, you'd be left with frustration. Interscope can spam promote this thing to death on YouTube, try all they want to convince us this is some sort of masterpiece. At the end of the day, when a waiter delivers a bad meal, don't expect a tip from the customer.

FAV TRACKS: Alice, Stupid Love

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Plastic Doll, Enigma, Sine From Above, Free Woman
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May 30, 2020
Great review as always!
May 30, 2020
Mirrored my thoughts perfectly! Surprised you didn't like "Sine from above" though, as though the Elton feature did feel out of place, the overall song was one of the more anthemic and powerful songs from the album. Great review nonetheless!
May 30, 2020
Great review. I share similar opinions on this release.
May 31, 2020
To tell you the truth, I'd rather people focus less of their time on these already hyped up records. Go read the next review I have or something, maybe use the site to discover something new and out of your comfort zone for once
May 31, 2020
@Houdanny 'Sine From Above' is mostly ruined by the awful Elton John feature. Gaga's vocals didn't help either. Doesn't sound anthemic at all to me, it just sounds like a super cheap pop song.
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