Joyner Lucas - ADHD
Mar 27, 2020

I think I've just about had it with this "real rap" mentality bullshit. It's been plaguing the mainstream hip hop scene for years, only served to make already toxic online music discussions even more miserable and pathetic. ADHD is the final straw. Joyner Lucas has the lyrical subtlety of a straight line. His brand of overtly generic trap/pop rap seems to only appeal to people who wet their panties over "fast raps" and wannabe "in-depth" conscious hip hop style that delivers no substance whatsoever. Quantity over quality amplified to the highest degree imaginable, Joyner's selling point as an artist offers no room for innovation, creative wit or originality. Instead it's the breeding ground for boring, already dated, uninspired, pretentious, stale bread "lyrical" rap with no coherent concept that desperately panders to its core audience, like fiddling a toy at a baby. COADM, Revival and KOD had a threesome, and out came ADHD after an accidental pregnancy and failed abortion.

Excuse me for my rough behavior right off the bat, but I must kindly ask: what the fuck is this? Why are the beats so thrown together and tasteless as tree bark? What the hell is that cover art? Why are there skits that give me unpleasing flashbacks to creepy Joe Biden? What is with the completely phoned-in verses? What's up with the boring ass flows and weak delivery? What the hell is the concept? There are moments where I catch a glimpse of color and vibrancy in the beats only to be shattered 30 seconds later or when the album transitions into an unnecessary skit or another half-baked song that's of poor taste. Way to go at wishing death upon people. Props for unintentionally rationalizing domestic abuse because you brought in Chris Brown and also didn't care enough to expand upon your album's sensitive lyrical "themes". Great job at putting together creepy skits of straight up child abuse. I can partly get the concept Joyner may be trying to aim for, but it's clearly an incomplete product. Hell, it's hardly an intelligible blueprint! Joyner Lucas had his head so far up into his own ass, the goddamn blueprint is smudged in shit stains!

Perhaps to end on a lighter note, Joyner Lucas has demonstrated his potential as a rapper before. Man's clearly got talent, but until he straightens up, gets his head out of his ass, starts churning out some interesting beats and stops with this "real rap" thought process, his future efforts will only seem as contrived, ill-conceived and abysmal as this record.

"All of your birds is Dan DeVito"

"A bitch be dumb if she ever try to leave me, word."

"Your bitch is a thot, you had kids with her."

"She don’t like then she gotta be gay."

FAV TRACKS: 10 Bands (props to Timbaland production)

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Devil's Work, Gold Mine, Finally, Still Can't Love, all the skits
Inglume's Tags
Mar 27, 2020
"NO MUMBLE RAPPERS" There is a Young Thug feature
Mar 27, 2020
Nice review, I agree and I share your ideas ! I'm sick of their bullshit... tired
Mar 27, 2020
U just don't understand this album bro because there's deep lyrics instead of that bullshit mumble rap
Mar 27, 2020
I liked the album,but ur speaking facts
Mar 27, 2020
Lyrical masterpiece bro
Mar 27, 2020
to be fair, the child abuse skits were on purpose to show him as a kid. not sure if this was something that actually happened to him but they arent supposed to be happy joy and rainbows
Mar 28, 2020
He probably listens to Lil Pump.... Cringe....
Mar 28, 2020
but he got the lyrical spiritual
Mar 30, 2020
Real rap is plaguing the hip hop scene? I can’t tell if you’re trolling or you’re serious, or maybe you just turned 16 and just started listening to rap when Travis Scott dropped Birds. Perhaps you don’t understand the skill cap to actually rapping. Or maybe you tried rapping and someone said you were ass. Who hurt you? I mean, You entitled to your opinion though.
Mar 30, 2020
KOD is much better then Revival and COADM tho fr
Mar 31, 2020
Oh my God the unironic hip hop elitists have entered the comments lol. Grabbing the popcorn
Mar 31, 2020
Good opinion. Great review. Best comments!
Mar 31, 2020
I think the fucktard who wrote this review is a fucktard. What credence I will weigh my opinion of this album with this mofo's Fucktarded opinion is zero, zilch, nada. Stupid Mother fucker.
Apr 1, 2020
@TommyT Begone bot
Apr 6, 2020
Apr 15, 2020
to me its meh. i still liked it and thats my opinion. however, i agree with certain points and disagree, but respect ur opinion.
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