Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now
Jun 17, 2020
Chaotic Romance. Little did we expect Charli's most passionately, openly touching and apt record to come also in the form of her most confined and compact.

I'd like to take a brief moment first off now that it feels appropriate to reflect on the aftermath of quarantine. Slowly driving up the northern Quebec countryside this past week, feeling the breeze and fresh cool air captured a great sense of relief. At last, a weight seemed to be lifted, yet reality comes striking back briskly, reminding us that with quarantine's passing, there lies still the anxieties of alienation and solitude that must be cured from within. Stopping to glance at the landscape around me, two contrarian thoughts lurked my mind: the great scenery and the chaotic, perturbed world I'd found myself in.

I feel that this album captures a similar sense of chaotic intensity quite nicely. PC Music artists in the past few years have delivered an ecstatic take on modern pop music that sometimes delightfully reflects the tension of love and social life in the Internet age. Charli XCX explores the emotional torment, vulnerability and longing for affection that comes with isolation, and the troubles one finds itself dealing with these worries beyond just quarantine. As a result, despite having been churned out over the course of just a month, 'how i'm feeling now' feels not like a response to quarantine but rather a logical evolution: an introspective detour for an artist fans know little about beyond their pop image. It seems regardless of the circumstances, this simply was bound to be the pop record to follow up 2019's vamp and glossy 'Charli'.

'how i'm feeling now' is as direct as the title suggests, but proves effortless in its approach and presentation. The album begins with some familiarity in the form of digitalized, zany pop bangers but slightly diverges into more intimate pop territory that could pull at one's heartstrings. Rarely does a moment feel wasted, as Charli finds artistic progression in ways we'd not seen in previous efforts. It feels more accomplished in this sense than its more fashionable predecessor. While not the singer's most immediate or catchiest set of tunes, there's something fascinatingly likeable which is hard to deny and not at least appreciate.

Don't tell me you don't listen to 'claws' and not smile at the "I like everything about you" chorus, it's adorable.

FAV TRACKS: forever, claws, 7 years, detonate, c2.0, party 4 u

LEAST FAV TRACK: i finally understand
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Charli XCX - Charli
Sep 14, 2019
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