Gunna - WUNNA
May 22, 2020
Yes Mr. Gunna, please enlighten us on how you "bit on her toes", how she "ride the dick like peg (yeah)" or how she "squirts on the sheets". I'm sure we'd all like to know this intellect of yours.

The bar is so low, it's getting ridiculous, really. Laughable I might add. I've lost count on just how many wet putang lines Gunna's splattered throughout this fiasco. Not to mention how he manages to make luxury lifestyle sound like a trip to the nursing home. WUNNA is one miserable, derivative trap rap snoozer after another. Drugs, pussy, chains, money, repeat. Drugs, pussy, chains, money, repeat. Of course, records like this never have any substance with lyricism, but a monotonous, lifeless rapper on top of drab, flaccid beats makes that fact infinitely more obvious.

Just what does Gunna have to offer in this current wave of trap rap? Melodic psychedelic beats? Travis Scott and his contemporaries have been riding on that formula for years. Is he aiming to match Young Thug's eccentric vocal style and charisma? Seems like he's wearing some of that Thugger influence, but totally flunks the course. Has he improved on the delivery and flow? What next? The sky is blue? From rock bottom, you can only go up. Does he try for even a second to turn his brain cell deficient lyrical foreplay into something fun and lavish? Would this hype up the crowd at a party? Can he stand out beside his guest features? Yeah, give me a break. At least the one takeaway with Gunna is your sense of appetite. Hold on to your faith in rap music as well, Gunna sure tries to rip that away.

The appeal of WUNNA is very limited, but those looking for the typical Gunna formula will find much to be impressed about with this 18-track travesty. Everyone else will be sitting through the slog of an MC whose personality is on life support, whose songs sound like carbon copies of each other. Maybe you'll get a tolerable tune here or there, but the rest: insert unnecessarily gross bar about hoes' dangly bits...


FAV TRACKS: Dollaz On My Head, Meet Gala

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Far, MOTW, Wunna, Cooler Than A Bitch
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5d ago
I agree with everything that you said, but I feel like you overrated it
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