Yamaneko - Pixel Wave Embrace
Aug 18, 2019
[AOTY Album Randomizer Sunday: #2]

Well, looks like I'm back on my normal reviewing business. Back to the Random Album button!

This week, it's a bunch of mediocre ambient BEEP-BEEP-BOOP-BOOP sounds from the UK.

From what I heard about this beforehand, it was apparently going to be fun, dreamy, nice and colorful. Like with the albums in this series so far, this was my first time hearing about Yamaneko and am curious to hear and expect something different. After that pleasant dark folk Russian detour, it's great to hear something different in style.

So this was an ambient, weightless music experience, and I think they took the term "Weightless" and "Ambient" way too freaking seriously!

This was quite the one-note, one-dimensional, boring album experience. It's honestly like these people heard one Aphex Twin track and said "Hey, we can make that cool beep beep boop boop sound too by just making the beats". On a more positive note, these beats aren't unlistenable in the slightest. They're sometimes mildly good, but more often or not, they're just quite tedious.

This record, more often or not, is on the borderline between fun and boring. I can hear some of these songs being worked on a bit to be more immersive and vibrant. Meanwhile, there are some tracks here that have great ideas beside pretty mediocre execution. I could see myself returning to a few tracks.

However, with ambient albums, I mostly find myself listening to stuff in context with the rest of the record. So while I do like some of the tracks and ideas being attempted on Pixel Wave Embrance, they're basically meaningless when the rest of the album's vibe falls apart.

So, what's the result. A very mediocre album that's not fun to listen to. There just could've been so much more and plenty of wasted potential. Coming from someone who was excited to hear this on this week's segment of random album generator, I'm disappointed to hear something flaccid and very generic. It's very easy to just tune out and get disconnected with the music.

It's a Great Value ambient album. HIT or MISS? It's a MISS.

FAV TRACKS: Seabrooke Rise, Tropics

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Slew Wave, Accela Rush, Calotype Process
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