Deathspell Omega - Paracletus
Jun 20, 2019 (updated Jun 20, 2019)
Before I delve into the album itself, I'd like to clear up some things before someone misinterprets what I have to say.

Yes, I understand that their image has developed a negative connotation, with the members having uncomfortably close ties with the NSBM movement. I admit, I'm not fully educated on the entire situation, but I personally prefer to say out of the issue. I condemn the actions of the NSBM movement and what it stands for (I hope everyone else does as well), but I'm here to talk about the music. Before this mess, they've been one of my personal fav metal groups this decade.

So, with all of that out the way, Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx's Paracletus is a shining gem in the black metal music scene, and it remains as one of my fav albums this decade! Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx has been an active French black metal group for 2 decades, known for blending avant-garde and atmospheric metal with more soul-crushing black metal in their music. With Paracletus, they take their versatile and creative sound to the next level, while still staying true to their discog's roots.

Paracletus displays a strong, incredibly distinct, coherent and crisp set of fiery instrumentation, plus great performances from vocalist Xxxxx Xxxx. The majority of the content brought to the table remains true to their usual sounds, but also incorporates more unique and experimental elements without any hesitation. The result: an exceptionally crafted set of avant-garde black metal tracks that are consistently exciting, refreshing and also full of intensity. Even in more repetitively dragged moments, this LP is far from boring or stale.

So, with all of that said, Paracletus is the most balanced and coherent blend of Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx's style and is what truly separates their older projects from their more risk-taking newer ones. This was the turning point for the band's artistic direction, and it truly is something to admire.

This album literally embodies my incredible musical transition. I started 2015 by listening to radio-friendly pop like Meghan Trainor unironically. By the end of that year, I got myself into...this! I will admit, this album and most black-metal from this decade is not for everyone. I can't guarantee that you'll enjoy this, but if you've at least appreciated or somewhat liked their latest album, definitely do give this thing a shot! It's not something that just clicks with you on the first few listens, especially for an outsider, but it's pretty damn neat and spectacular on its own!

The crazy riffs on this album are the reason guitars were even invented. :0
(Original Score: 91)
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Jun 20, 2019
Wow, you like Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx? Personally, I haven't listened to this album, but I was disappointed with Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx's latest.

But seriously, great review!
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