[AOTY Elon Musk attempts to review Grimes: Part 1]
It's just Grimes man, what could possibly go wrong?


I'd be pretty satisfied to talk about Visions instead, a Grimes record I genuinely think is great, but truth is, my review would basically be me putting other reviewer's mouths into mine. I wouldn't have much to say. Now with Art Angels, I'd say that this relatively uninteresting record is a lot more interesting to discuss.

I mean, just look at the reviews for this. Though it has an 82 average user score, reception is fairly mixed. Reviews range from incredibly positive to horrendous to og aoty users responding to each other in Japanese. Clearly, something's up.

I'm willing to bet that had this not been a Grimes record, this wouldn't receive the attention it got. No, this isn't me saying that she's overhyped or anything like that. What I mean is that Grimes herself is a very interesting artist. I may not like Art Angels, but it definitely has its place in her artistic ambition and progression. What's quite odd is that the change in direction she took after Visions makes it seem like she is continuously aiming to appeal to a different audience.

Needless to say, I appreciate and respect this album a lot more than I actually enjoy it. I like Grimes (*insert Elon Musk joke*), but Art Angels becomes an even more dull album experience the more I return to it as time passes. I remember being pretty excited and liking the record back in 2015. Now, I've sucked this album dry and there's nothing to come back to. The production is bare. The songs work fairly well individually but not as a cohesive album piece. It's more accessible, but its attempts to sound weird and authentic kinda fall flat. It's undeniably a creative pop experience, but there's little substance and nothing that really ties the album together. Grimes takes a different ambitious route, but it's not something I find myself enjoying at the end of the day.

Can't wait to see what her next album presents to the table. I just hope I can find enjoyment and appeal out of it.

Also, if you use the term "overrated", "overhyped" or "underrated" to describe an album and its quality, you're not saying shit. It's all just subjectivity!
Jul 3, 2019
One time I pretended to like this album to impress an old time crush. It was weird.

And if you only knew how much I loved the "AOTY Elon Musk"... *tears of pride*
Feb 27, 2020
@KingKRoolisBack Fantano a strange melon man
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