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Sep 17, 2019 (updated Sep 17, 2019)
Legend has it that Drake the Immortal actually fell off the CN Tower at 1,192 feet and instead of hitting the concrete pavement once he hit the ground, he falls toe first into a pile of LEGOs and instantly shatters all his bones and a piece of his toenail flings into his eye at light speed at the moment of contact. He becomes a blob and goes back to his mama's house attempting to replicate the incredible pain he felt into music form.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Views: Drake's worst album.

Holy shit, this is worse...way worse than I remembered it to be! I REFUSE to believe that this album is THAT BAD. I think this is the wrong album, guys. There's no way in hell this is real!

Nope, it's real. It's the actual Views, nothing's changed, except it's gotten worse.

In reality, an album shouldn't age so badly that in just 3-4 years, it already sounds like dumpster juice and completely grosses you out because of how clichéd and poorly executed it all is! When people talk about albums that have poorly aged, you usually go back at least 10 years and to older iconic artists' discographies in search for albums like Pablo Honey. Well, it seems that Drake has defied the possibilities of time and music, by making a pop rap, rnb vibe album that already sounds hilariously dated in 2019!

Views isn't simply horrible because it's just terrifyingly awful. Nope, instead you get the best of both hells! A very boring, monotonous album AND a terrifyingly awful album with shitty lyrics and vocals. Wow, fun. And to top it all of, you have the cherry on top: 81 MINUTES OF THIS SHIT.

Why YES, fellow consumer, we believe that you just don't have enough Drake in your life! Since you seem to like one song from Drizzy, we packed you with some healthy, nutritious Drake vitamins (81 MINUTES OF VIEWS) to satisfy your taste buds and give you that healthy daily intake! This time, with an extra touch of TORONTO DANCEHALL, YUM!

If I was able to get through all 81 minutes of this shit multiple times back in 2016, I sure as hell can't do the same thing in 2019! Imagine listening to this for 81 minutes. You could do so much in 81 minutes. Finish your essay, read a book, have a nice walk outside, or listen to MothaofMotha12's Discord Party on a fine Saturday afternoon. But nope, you choose to sit through Views, 81 minutes of boredom and cringe.

I gotta give credit where credit's due. Even though Scorpion is longer than this, at least it had its fair share of ok to decent moments. It wasn't like dragging for literally the entire album, it at least had refreshing breaks with good songs. Views, on the other hand, uh...I kinda like 9, Feel No Ways is decent, Views is eh, Hotline Bling is...Hotline Bling. Yeah, maybe 4 out of 20. This shit is audio torture! Nothing interesting happens. It's Drake mumbling his way through his own shit.

When Views attempts to sound promising, something happens that just ruins the entire experience of the song, and most of the time, it's Drake himself. Don't believe me? Here's a few examples.

Keep The Family Close: ok production, nice sounding intro. What could go wrong? Drake's monotone voice and "Like when Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley"

Hype: ok beat, it has potential! What could go wrong? Drake not taking the song ANYWHERE.

Weston Road Flows: nice samples, heart-touching concept about the good ol' days growing up. What could go wrong? Drake: "WHAT ARE THOOOSEEE?" (Wow, I'm so hip with the kids!)

Redemption: ok beat. Problem? Drake being boring AF.

Still Here: Jesus Christ, he's so MONOTONE.

Controlla: relaxing beat. What goes wrong? AIRHORN (mlg no scope 420)

Grammys: Yeah this just just sucks, lol.

Pop Style: Generic, but tolerable beat. What went wrong? Drake: "GOT SO MANY CHAINS THEY CALL ME CHAINING TATUM"

There are many more Drake facepalm moments, but I might as well end it here. The most important thing, I don't want to listen to boring, monotonous, one-dimensional and flaccid albums like Views, and even if I wanted to, I'll need to sit through 81 minutes of hell. There are good ideas and songs, tolerable ones as well, a FEW of them. The beginning and end were alright. However, for an album with 20 songs, a FEW is not enough.

Also, the shitty dancehall tracks. Please stop Drake. You can't do dancehall!

Yeah, this album was pain.

FAV TRACKS: 9, Feel No Ways, Views, Hotline Bling

LEAST FAV TRACKS: (*breathes*) With You, Faithful, Still Here, Controlla, One Dance, Grammys, Childs Play, Pop Style, Weston Road Flows
Sep 17, 2019
I checked this out again recently and agree it aged really poorly. Still, there was a theme/mood to this album, even if the result ended up being boring and tedious. Scorpion, on the other hand, can’t be said to have any unifying traits, so I’d save for it the dubious honor of Drakes Worst Album. While nothing on Views is as good as Nice for What, and the next few best songs probably beat out their counterparts on Views, I think Scorpion is the epitome of the 2010s overbloated, lazy rap album.
Sep 17, 2019
On the other hand, I will agree that Views is easily Drakes biggest disappointment. I remember back in Winter / Spring 2016, I was a grad student TA and me and my undergrads were so hyped for the new Drake album, we couldn’t wait for it to come out. We all had really liked If You're Reading This and Hotline Bling had been a smash, we were convinced “Views from the 6” would be the best Drake album yet. Christ...
Sep 17, 2019
@bitterblossom12 Now that I think about it, I do remember all the hype "Views From The 6" got back in 2015/16. It's odd looking back at it knowing what the actual outcome was when the album came out, lol. I'm not a Drake fan in the slightest, but If You're Reading This is still my favorite Drake project. And Scorpion...yeah, we don't talk about that album...
Sep 17, 2019
Drake is from de Caribbean island of Toronto he a certified 𝓡𝓤𝓓𝓔 𝓑𝓦𝓞𝓨
Sep 17, 2019
Views is pretty bad but hotline bling is still a bop
Sep 18, 2019
drake moment
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