Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
Aug 13, 2019
My love for this album faded away REALLY FREAKING QUICKLY.

With Random Access Memories, it's like chewing bubble gum or tasting a bag of Doritos. At first, there's a wild burst of epic flavors that satisfy your taste buds! You reach in for more Doritos or keep the bubble gum in your mouth, but the more Doritos you eat and the longer you keep chewing that bubble gum, the less and less flavor and satisfaction you get out of it. Then, you get to the point where everything just tastes stale and you throw it away. It just doesn't taste nearly as good anymore.

Perhaps I was too quick to call this album Daft Punk's best. I barely gave this album enough listens to even come to a satisfying conclusion. The truth is, I've never been the biggest fan of Daft Punk. Sure, Discovery is a pretty solid record and I've never hated an album from them, but I think their music was always missing that "Wow!" factor that I'd want to come back to.

This has been a recurring issue I've had with Daft Punk projects. I initially gave both Random Access Memories and Discovery really positive scores and considered their electronic, disco, synth funk sound to be quite refreshing. However, the more and more listens I pour in to these albums, the less rewarding and enjoyable the experience is. These albums really miss a lot of firepower and grit to keep me continuously engaged.

Now, I definitely do like this album. The production is high-quality. It's a very funky and groovy album that's pretty darn catchy and is just a collection of futuristic electro bangers to jam and chill out to. There are some fairly creative elements and it's just overall a pretty happy-going, fun record from start to finish.

With that being said, I do think this album drags. Daft Punk is not the kind of artist I'd expect to hear 5-minute+ songs from and expect to enjoy till the very end. To me, Daft Punk is really a come-and-go experience. Once I've heard enough that interests me, I move on. 5 minutes is definitely not long at all, but with Daft Punk's repetitive disco style, it does lose its energy quickly. This did not need to be over 70 minutes in length. There definitely could've been moments that can be cut down for better results.

For a 2013 Daft Punk album, it does have its unique appeal. However, we're about to enter a new, refreshing decade and the Random Access Memories sound hasn't aged all too well (at least in my opinion). For an album aiming for a futuristic sound, it comes off, ironically, as predictable and dated at this point. There are exciting songs in the tracklisting, but the album as a whole, is not exciting. It gives off more of a "slowly move your head around awkwardly at 3AM while you chill to nice funky beats" kind of vibe instead of a "get up and boogie" one.

Yeah, it's a nice, enjoyable album with some really good songs, and that's pretty much it. As an album, this feels strangely slow for my tastes and I doubt I'll have this on heavy-rotation anytime soon.

FAV TRACKS: Give Life Back To Music, Get Lucky, Beyond, Touch, Giorgio by Moroder, The Game of Love

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Instant Crush, Doin' It Right
Aug 13, 2019
Great review! Daft Punk are part of my favorite artist (they are true legends in France). But I recognize that this album is not necessarily their masterpiece, it is a little forgettable. I really want to know your opinion about "Discovery" which is for me a real classic.
Aug 13, 2019
@WhatTheFunk I pretty much feel the same way about "Discovery" but I like it a fair bit more. Not planning to do a review since I'll probably just repeat myself with what I said here. I respect Daft Punk more than I enjoy their music.
Dec 14, 2020
you throw away unfinished bags of doritos? Wasteful much 🙄
Dec 22, 2020
this is my fav album oat :(
4d ago
Daft punk: and I took that personally
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