Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
Sep 10, 2019
pop is not a canser.

I vividly remember the time when Bruno Mars was at the very top of the game and you'd see his name plastered everywhere in the Unorthodox Jukebox era years ago. Bruno Mars was a radio darling (still is today, Toronto never seems to get sick of the guy)! You'd hear the same few songs on rotation in Toronto and Hamilton pop radio stations.

I had a friend back in 2012-13 that obsessed over Bruno Mars, to the point that it got really creepy. I remember how awkward our conversations used to be when he kept bringing up Bruno Mars. Definitely didn't help that I despised the man's music. To me, his music was like a fat leech that kept sticking around. Ever since the Grenade-era of Bruno Mars, I hated his sappy, obnoxious voice and his attempts at r&b nostalgia just grossed me out. It wasn't like he was bringing anything new to the table at all, he was...just there. Unorthodox Jukebox was an improvement, but I still only like two songs from that LP (Locked Out of Heaven and Treasure).

Now, even though I've sick of hearing Bruno Mars for years, 24K Magic was a change in pace, at least by Bruno Mars standards. I've heard plenty of negative reactions to this album, especially after the GRAMMYs, mainly about how 24K Magic is unoriginal, unappealing, very boring and sounds like stuff you've heard before many many times before. On one hand, I will say that if you're looking for a unique sound, don't look here. On another, if you're looking to have a fun time and enjoy yourself, 24K Magic is worth the shot.

My god, this shit bangs!

Bruno Mars essentially did a full 180 with 24K Magic. He actually made his style appealing for once! At most, this album is insanely enjoyable and catchy. At the very least, it's tolerable. Now I've hated how cheesy and sappy his older songs were. When I Was Your Man and Grenade are still some of the worst #1 hits I've heard this decade. On 24K Magic, Bruno Mars essentially gives less of a shit! Instead of being incredibly pandering, Bruno Mars focuses more on delivery and actually making an entertaining and worthwhile set of 80s funky, r&b pop throwbacks.

And he's got the charm on here to really pull through with it.

As much as this album doesn't offer anything new to the table, it's still exciting and I find myself coming back to 24K Magic time and time again. The title track is a great feel-good song. That's What I Like sounds like Bruno genuinely had a fun time. Perm and the original Finesse are incredibly smooth and catchy. And Versace On The Floor has him trying to be seductive, and the result is a very funny song imo. Idk, there's something about the way he delivers his lyrics that cracks me up quite a bit!

24K Magic is an album that doesn't take itself too seriously, and we shouldn't either. Music doesn't always have to be so inventive and imaginative, it can just be a ton of pure fun as well! Now, people have been shitting on this for getting the AOTY Grammy since "it didn't deserve it".

I mean, what do you expect? It's the fucking Grammys. There's nothing "prestigious" about it, lol. And honestly, I'm perfectly fine with it getting the Grammy. If we're talking simply about my personal enjoyment of the albums, I'd pick it above 4:44 and DAMN.

Call me crazy all you want. I thought DAMN. was poopoo peepee. Glad 24K Magic got it instead.

FAV TRACKS: 24K Magic, Perm, That's What I Like, Versace On The Floor, Finesse, Too Good To Say Goodbye

LEAST FAV TRACK: Calling All My Lovelies
Sep 10, 2019
I've never understood the term "bringing something new the table" like.....huh? Regardless, definitely agree that this is a whole lotta fun! This album actually came out when I was reinventing my late grandfather's house and it really diluted any sort of dread I had whenever I heard it play.
Sep 10, 2019
Bruno Mars is a hometown hero in Hawaii. I can't escape this guy either. I do share that hometown pride though even if I think his music is just alright. It's a little inspiring to hear of a guy who could have been your neighbor or cousin's high school classmate making it big. Do you feel the same hometown pride for Toronto treasures such as October's Very Own, Drake?
Sep 10, 2019
@ThrowBackG I guess for me, the term "bringing something new to the table" would mean having a unique sound or concept. Also, wow, I didn't know that this album connected with you on such a personal level. Music is certainly a powerful tool!

@Mimikyu I don't exactly live in Toronto. I live by the countryside, so I don't feel that personal hometown pride connection. From what I've seen, Torontonians do show a fair bit of excitement for Drake. Don't like his music, but appreciate his success.
Sep 11, 2019
@Inglume I figured that's what it meant. I guess I just find it a wee bit silly. Seeing how even the influencers have influences. I read into things too much lol
Sep 11, 2019
if Inglume just says bruh he will get 900 likes
Sep 11, 2019
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