Помни Имя Свое - Небо и Камень
Aug 11, 2019
[AOTY Album Randomizer Sunday: #1]

If someone can come up a better name for this new review series, let me know lol.

So, does everyone know about the "Random" album feature on AOTY? Well, no one ever talks about it...and I'm willing to bet barely anyone actually uses it. I think it's about time to give this little AOTY feature that lurks down at the very bottom of every AOTY page some RESPECT and attention! Every Sunday, I'll listen to, rate and review one random album the site suggests.

This week, this series is kickin' it off pretty STRONG with...a Russian dark folk album. Huh, never thought I'd say those words in a sentence.

So the only context I got going into this obscure album is from EMR's review. When I stumbled across this, it didn't even have an album cover added and I had very little clue what I was getting myself into. Luckily, this album isn't too crazy or off-the-wall. Though it's still a change in pace to the typical folk music I hear often, this fascinating Russian folk group delivers a very pleasant, chilling dark folk album that's incredibly soulful and hard-hitting.

Небо и Камень isn't particularly a great record. It's not really musically diverse and some moments drag on a fair bit due to the occasional one-note acoustic instrumentation that litters the album. I also wish this album finished as strongly as it began. However, for a 2016 folk record, it's even more thrilling, beautiful and interestingly haunting! The instrumentals, for the most part, are still consistently amazing with some unique style to it.

However, the vocals are what truly give the album its grit! The female vocalist of this album delivers a spectacular, powerful performance throughout the album as she really screams her emotions out genuinely. I will admit it was sometimes difficult to get used to the vocals, but the power, emotion, chilling delivery and feeling of anxiety is undeniable.

Despite the language barrier and predictable instrumentation, this was an exciting, fascinating listen. Obviously, I wish I understood what was going on lyrically because it seemed like a lot was going on, but what Небо и Камень showcases is the power of pure, raw human emotion! Sitting at a comfortable 47-minute runtime, this album is a very focused project, that knows just how to deliver an overall intriguing, even dreamy musical atmosphere.

Hit or Miss? It's a HIT! Would recommend.

FAV TRACKS: Синее Небо, Жестокость, Колыбельная, Будет петь холодный одинокий ветер, Оленье Солнце

LEAST FAV TRACK: Райские Яблоки
Aug 11, 2019
Do you mind if I do the same random album idea?
Aug 12, 2019
@oh I don't mind at all, go for it! Don't make the "Random" album button feel lonely lol.
Aug 12, 2019
I love this idea! About time someone joined in on the random album party 😅
Aug 12, 2019
Wow I love this new concept! Great idea!
Aug 12, 2019
Ok now I’m curious to use this feature
Aug 12, 2019
love this idea
Aug 12, 2019
i was gonna do this same idea but it gave me merzbow the first time i clicked it
Aug 12, 2019
@ACreativeName THAT'S A GOOD THING!!!
5d ago
I... Just now found this button, and like everyone else said, this is a super cool concept. What a fun way to discover music you might have never given a chance.
5d ago
finna do this
5d ago
5d ago
I had the same idea in April but only made six random “”reviews””.
I knew it was a good idea, happy to know that somebody else found the Random button lol
5d ago
Where is the random button?
5d ago
@cipater22 Scroll to the very bottom of the AOTY page and you'll see a gray section. You'll find the button there
5d ago
I wish I knew this was a thing earlier!
4d ago
I'm sorry, this is a great idea and I'm gonna steal it
2d ago
*mariah carey voice* loving that concept!
2d ago
I've been using the random album feature for about a year and a half now it's the best feature on the site in my eyes. It's also extremely terrifying to see how much music there is that I would've 100% missed if it wasn't for that button.
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