Joe Hisaishi - Spirited Away
Oct 7, 2019
I swear, Joe Hisashi must've gone Super Saiyan when he was told to make a film score for Spirited Away, cause this is phenomenal! The best film score you could make for one of the best animated films of all time. Even in music alone, Spirited Away is pure magic!

So, how should I put this? Well, if you've never watched Spirited Away, you haven't lived, and that's the truth.

Spirited Away and everything about it is just so imaginative, powerful and riveting, there's really so much you could put into words. It's a film that truly sticks with you in your heart, no matter where you go. I've expressed a lot of interest in the past for Ghibli films and Spirited Away specifically. I've done a couple of reviews where I go out of my way to talk about Spirited Away in a way that's relevant to the particular album I've reviewed (Fear Inoculum & Ghosteen). The reason? I think this film just has that unique charm that can be expressed in so many different ways.

Joe Hisaishi's score of Spirited Away captures the film's magic in pretty much the best way possible. Even then, it's only part of the magic. There's nothing more thrilling and satisfying than getting the complete collection: the film and the accompanying music. Regardless, Spirited Away's film score is breathtaking and incredibly versatile. It's sometimes haunting and chilling. Other times it's heartfelt and saddening. Elsewhere, it's beautifully enchanting. Like the film, the music jumps from slower intricate moments to epic, suspenseful scenes.

For newcomers, it's a fantastical experience. For those who've seen the film, it's one hell of a nostalgia trip. Spirited Away is an experience that impacts you in many ways you wouldn't ever expect it to at first glance. It's a film that grows with its audience. As we find ways to overcome new obstacles in our way, we grow, mature and learn, in the same way that plants bloom out from seed to flower. While not my personal favorite Ghibli film, it's the perfect combination of the best elements of Ghibli's works: Fantastic animation, one-of-a-kind creativity, imagination, astounding characters and wonderful music.

Like a YouTube commenter once said, "To some, it’s just a movie. To us, it’s our dreams, our childhood, and our safe place."

FAV TRACKS: One Summers Day, A Road To Somewhere, Nighttime Coming, The Dragon Boy, Procession of the Gods, Bathhouse Morning, It's Hard Work, The Stink God, The Bottomless Pit, Kaonashi (No Face), The Sixth Station, The House At Swamp Bottom, Reprise, Always With Me

LEAST FAV TRACKS: Day of the River, Yubaba's Panic
Inglume's Tags
Oct 8, 2019
Yet, not a single second of this soundtrack has Limp Bizkit on it.
Oct 8, 2019
god bless Limp Bizkit for continuing to be legendary nobodies
Oct 9, 2019
*Hell Yeahs in Fred Durst*
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