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Growing up on stuff like Bowie, Patti Smith, Amy, Radiohead, Kate Bush or Björk turned me into a music nerd. So, I’m here. That’s it, that’s the bio.
Ratings are based on songs I liked, disliked, and meh and they are rounded up by the nearest 10 I give a lot of fucks about instrumentals
Bogotá, Colombia.

Genre of the Week: Post-Rock Old account: Sosuke Arima Library = Digital Collection
on a rock floating in space
stop. why are you here? why are we here? have you ever wondered about that? no need. there is no reason, there is no goal. yet we are here at this moment by sheer accident, two people who have nothing to do with eachother. a second passes and you're still reading. why? there's nothing to learn here. now go back to the meaningless misery of life and inch closer and closer to death with every single heartbeat. goodby.
Somewhere in Europe
I love to discover new music. MY SCORES: 100 - flawless 95 - masterwork 90 - Amazing 85 - very great 80- great 75 - very good 70 - good 65 - ok / decent 60 - meh 50 - bad 40 - horrible 30 - not even music
Reviewing music that I'm interested in
I pretend to be a part-time critic when actually I don't really know how to play an instrument Usually I give high scores. 100 masterpiece 99-90 almost classic 89-80 must listen 79-70 really good 69-60 just good, give it a try 59-50 is ok 49-40 is meh 39-30 pure garbage 29 - 0 = Toxic to our ears, don't listen, I REPEAT, D-O-N-T L-I-S-T-E-N
profile pic: @allizcce on twitter
Midwest US
Grew up playing drums. Getting old but I try to keep up. My reviews will skew positive because I want to feature records that have been special to me over the years, but I'll give anything a shot. All ratings are subject to revision.
0 to 100 and letter grading rating: 100 (A+) - a completely perfect master piece of sound and art together as one 91-99 (A) - almost perfect and highly influencial 83-90 (A-) - great tastemaker and easily consumible 75-81 (B+) - middle ground and not entirely good 67-74 (B) - reasonably audible and simple 58-66 (B-) - weak album with few strong points 50-57 (C+) - dont fully recommend but it should still be given the chance beyond 50 (C,C-,D+,D,D-,F) - dont recommend
My ratings are in 1 Google Doc. 200+ organized (& daily) Spotify playlists, w/ silly names too.I'm a musician, meme youtuber, & love making content. But music is the most fun! All ratings = peak artist/style potential; trying to avoid basing comparison on other artists By YR Top 10 = Usually splitting hairs between 100-90 Library = either CD, DVD, Vinyl, or Digital So, thanks!
MG Brazil
Music is subjective My 10 can be your 0 You won't see me doing reviews 60-less because I don't see a point of why should I review an album I don't like.
I like hip hop and house pls laugh at my jokes 100: Perfection (V RARE!!!) 95-99 : I'd give my soul to this 90-94: Yesss bby give it to me 80-89: Delicious 70-79: Solid 60-69: Pretty geeewd 50-59: Mediocre 40-49: Could do without 30-39: Not good 20-29: Hard pass my dude 10-19: Hot trash 0-9: No
an endless swimming pool of constant hum
he/him #1 midori stan if it's loud or angry, I'll probably love it (send some recommendations!!) I constantly re-rate albums to adjust for albums that have grown or shrunk on me, so most, if not all, original scores are not set in stone attempting to transfer my ratings over to rym, so follow me over there! :) ☭ p.s. why do most of the people on this website act like literal fucking children? it's not that serious
My rating distribution is as follows: 100: Flawless 90-99: An exceptionally great project with little negative qualities 80-89: A project I think has many highlights, and is consistently great 70-79: This is like a B on a test. Not amazing, but has a lot going for it 60-69: It's decent 50-59: Mediocre 40-49: Borderline trash 30-39: Trash 20-29: Really bad 10-19: Horrid 0-9: Absolute horse shit
bird emoji
South Australia
I'm pretty generous with ratings, I got a lot of love to give, don't really talk about what I don't like because I don't have that sort of energy atm 100 - Favourite 85 - Really loved 70 - Liked 50 - Ambivalent No rating - Just had something to say
São Paulo - SP - Brasil
É um crime querer saborear a última refeição que faremos juntos?
I am the best verified reviewer in the game!
Not suicidal just idling insignificantly
I rate music based on the range of human experience. So I think most stuff is 70s and 80s. 100 - Getting married to the love of your life 90 - Listening to The Beatles' White album (but skipping the bad songs) 80 - Eating a chicken sandwich 70 - Taking a shower 60 - Getting a haircut 50 - Watching paint dry 40 - Going to your friends' improv show 30 - Going to your friends' Harry Potter themed improv show 20 - Getting in a motorcycle accident 10 - The Vietnam War 0 - Slow agonizing death
Nowhere /// CFCE 87.8 FM
Stan Loona • Genre of the Week: K-Pop • Album of the Week: LOONA & Odd Eye Circle - Max & Match • Film of the Week: Frans Zwartjes — Pentimento Idiots get blocked...
Boston, MA
Music enthusiast! Leave album recommendations if you'd like.
Love to play video games, watch movies, music (mostly rap but i fw most genres) and anything artsy.
I used to rate albums in allmusic, but i decided to take everything here. it will take a while, so I will focus on the highest ratings first. gotta start reviewing lol
Los Angeles, CA
Music's pretty cool I guess...
Itapira, São Paulo - Brasil

- don't matter what they say, is my opinion! Todas minhas avaliações são feitas com base no meu gosto pessoal, e na intensidade do que sinto na arte de cada artista, não tenho senso critico profissional por isso relevem!
0-10 horrible 11-20 very bad 21-30 pretty bad 31-40 bad 41-50 boring 51-60 average 61-70 above average 71-80 good 81-90 very good 91-99 great 100 masterpiece
Florida, USA
currently trying to re-listen to all the albums in my library, and listening to new releases as well
The Cover of Weighing Souls With Sand
Music is good imo
São Paulo
Lucascritic ❤ Eu incluo nas reviews todas as faixas dos album, sejam deluxe, interludes, bônus tracks, musicas exclusivas de outros países. Eu não incluo remixes se não tiver um outro cantor dentro do remix.
My rating system: 100 - Goat 90-99 - Close to perfection 80-89 - Deserving space in my brain storage 70-79 - Pretty good 60-69 - Good but could easily be better 50-59 - Bearable 40-49 - Perfumed dog shit 0-39 - Dog shit
In The Alps
13 year old dedicated music listener
This really is just some kind of nerdy thing.
I'm sorry if my thoughts are a bit incoherent. Whatever I type, I put my full emotion into. Those are my sentiments in its purest form. 90 - 100 (Perfect) 75 - 85 (Great) 60 - 70 (Positive) 45 - 55 (Mixed) 30 - 40 (Negative) 15 - 25 (Ugly) 0 - 10 (Trash) Oh and no, I won't rate singles. And I love trashing generic pop music even though I listen to pop a lot.
Miojo Indie is a music and pop culture blog created in November 2010. In order to promote new releases in the world of music, the blog proposes a detailed analysis of what is most inventive in the current scene, bringing records, clips and music that goes beyond the conventional. Although the title identifies a greater relationship with independent music, we are open to the most different musical releases. Read, listen, criticize and share.
He/him My rating system is bad 90> - Basically perfect 85-90 - Incredible 80-85 - Extremely good 75-80 - Good 70-75 - Decent 60-69 - Either good but not my type of music or a mostly bad album with a song or two that saved it Below 60 - avoid it like the plague Will I ever actually write a review? Time will tell, but also no.
Kansas and Cornfields
well i got bored and here we are, just another guy who reviews music , I try not to be bias btw👍🏽🙃 xotwod My insta is @qays.34 follow if u want ig 🇵🇸 The way I rate 100// Perfection 90-95// Masterpiece, personal favorite 80-85// Great, very few skips throughout 70-75// Solid, above average 60-65// OK, about average 50-55// Below Average 40-45// Bad 30-35// Straight trash 20-25// Worst of the worst 10-15// Damage to eardrums 0// Pretty self explanatory
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