May 22, 2019*
I discovered this about a week ago while casually browsing around and I can safely say that this is one of my fav albums so far this year! Do not, I repeat, do not sleep on this!

Traveling Mercies is a simple, but excellently crafted collection of heartwarming and lyrically captivating country songs. It's stunning and gorgeous, but also has a distinct soulful charm that keeps these acoustic-heavy tracks from becoming stale.

Also, can we help Kengoji Ultam out by getting this to 25 ratings? ... read more
May 22, 2019*

Yeah, this is definitely going to be a 13ANGERZ album. Huge respects for Denzel! This man is out here enjoying life, getting recognition and making great rap albums. ZUU HYPE.

Gotta be honest, not really feelin this single. Apart from the piano melody, there's not much memorable about this track. It's still decent
May 21, 2019
Everything In Its Right Place is not only one of the best album openers, it's one of the best songs of all time.

The rest of the album? Well, I certainly was blown away when I first heard it. In fact, THIS is what introduced me to Radiohead and I simply cannot get over this album. For as depressing the overall experience may be, it manages to capture you into its digital soundscape. Up to that point, I hadn't heard anything like it.

I don't know how many times I've listened to this god damn ... read more
May 19, 2019
I'm gonna be a GOOD person and NOT listen to the leak
@Atrocityblubber, SIT TF DOWN!

How to not listen to the leak: Cut your ears off, then glue them back on when this officially releases.
May 18, 2019
Pretty average track with some decent verses and hard-hitting production, but Anthony Fantano's LIT feature carries this track A LOT.

πŸ”₯"Rippidy-Dippity Rippidy-Dippity Rippidy-Dippity triplet flows"πŸ”₯
πŸ”₯"It seems almost as if there is a slightly larger focus on hooks with this project"πŸ”₯
πŸ”₯"There are spots on this album where the lyrics can come off a bit too edgy or try-hard..."πŸ”₯
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ BEST BARS OF 2019!
May 17, 2019*
Anyone who gives this below a 70 should be locked in a room with Corey Feldman! (Me: *gives it a 69*)
Okay, this is actually pretty great.

My experience with this album is one of the reasons why rushing a rating or review out after first impressions is not a wise choice by anyone, because this definitely took a bit of time to digest. I'm expecting a lot of differing opinions by the end of the week, whether good or bad.

Anyways, I think this is probably the most interesting Tyler The ... read more
May 17, 2019
The three SPAZZ RAP musketeers: RiTchie with a T, Big ol' Stepa and Lil good boy Corey, are back at it again for another project. This time, an actual LP!

Injury Reserve are easily one of my favorite and most intriguing new hip hop acts that practically came out of nowhere! Ever since their debut mixtape, Live At The Dentist Office, I've been hooked into their refreshing and creative west coast hip hop sound and I can proudly say that I'm a fan (though some of you probably enjoy them even more ... read more
May 15, 2019
Team em
This is the best Radiohead album! Anyone who disagrees should get an em musical lecture on Twitter... :)

On a more serious note, I used to overlook this album so much, mainly because I was a Kid A dude and didn't pay much attention to the rest of Radiohead's discography before AMSP came out. What really made me appreciate this album was the moment I got hooked into its gorgeous, fascinating sound and never got sick of it since then.

It's probably the most accessible Radiohead album, ... read more
May 13, 2019
Okay, so it's 2019 and I'm sure pretty much everyone has settled on the fact that this is great. Rather than making a repetitive review, I think I'll just list every moment that grabbed my attention after listening to it again for like the 100th time (spoiler: there's a lot)...

Wesley's Theory:
-The faint crackling sounds before and during the Bordis Gardiner sampled part that was kinda distracting
-The Boris Gardiner sample kicking off the album
-That audio glitching effect on the sample ... read more
May 12, 2019*
(edit: Farewell KIDWITHGUNs, we will miss you. Thanks for all the great reviews! I think it's time to actually give this album a bit of attention.)
I only listened to this cause KIDWITHGUNs has been begging for someone else to listen to it for over a month. I didn't really like it as much as I had hoped, but it definitely wasn't bad for what it is.

I've returned to this album to wrap up my final thoughts. 18Flow is an album from a quite promising new MC from South Africa that doesn't ... read more
May 10, 2019
This song is so undeniably boring and bad that it makes 2010 Justin Bieber sound like Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
May 10, 2019*
Logic? No, this album is hot garbage and a complete waste of time to talk about, so instead...

Alternate Madvillainy Review:
MF DOOM & MadLib made a well-anticipated collaborative masterpiece that shooked the world of hip hop. This album is a shining gem in the facinating world of rap, with MF DOOM's insanely smooth, villainous and unforgettable delivery to MadLib's incredibly unique and wonder-filled production. In so many ways, it is my all-time favorite hip-hop album and should not be ... read more
May 9, 2019*
No matter how good or bad this Mac DeMarco album may be, at least he made a new studio album instead of just hanging around with Logic on Supermarket in 2019.

Not bad. I can definitely see why this may be off-putting for some people. I'm not the biggest fan of DeMarco's stripped back sound, but I think some critics and newcomers aren't giving this album a fair chance by dismissing it as "overrepetitive" or "lacking". Sure, it ain't the most ambitious, ... read more
May 9, 2019
Welcome to 2019, where a frustrated Weezer fan who makes meme videos on YouTube can make a better sounding Weezer project than Weezer. Billy Cobb actually has a lot of potential and talent as an artist. It's a refreshing callback to Weezer's older alt-rock sounds rather than a direct copy of it.

If there's one way I can describe this EP: Imagine if Greta Van Fleet came out with a good Led Zeppelin album and nearly all the Led Zeppelin albums that came before Greta Van Fleet were 0/10 albums.
May 4, 2019
This is way too commercial for my taste. These kind of bands only focus on trying to put out as many songs as possible and pandering to the general public.ο»Ώ Kevin is an industry plant!

102. Alright
101. I'm
100. actually
99. gonna
98. talk
97. about
96. this
95. album
94. since
93. I
92. have
91. so
90. much
89. room!
88. This
87. is
86. how
85. you
84. make
83. good
82. shitpost
81. music!
80. Big
79. Baller
78. B,
77. please
76. learn
75. from
74. this.
73. ... read more
May 3, 2019
Oh look, the "I don't play no games 'less we talkin' Fortnite" rapper is back with another single!

Logic is the type of rapper that would lose his shit if you use the word "BALLS" in a sentence and that intro skit really shows how rap's greatest zebra actually has the mind of a 8 year old.
Eminem actually delivers quite a satisfying verse! Too bad it ended up on this track to fill up the song length, cause Logic can't make his own single interesting by himself.
May 3, 2019*
In-Depth Review:

Thoughts before listening to the album:
I am really skeptical about this new Vampire Weekend album. Part of me is excited because the user reviews are really positive so far. Part of me is worried because I was very underwhelmed with the singles.

I really enjoyed their last two studio albums and hope that as a group, they can pull off something refreshing. I want something new from Vampire Weekend that sounds good, that's all I ask for! I don't think ... read more
May 2, 2019
𝕱𝖔𝖗 𝖆𝖑𝖑 π–’π–ž π•Ύπ–”π–šπ–™π–π–˜π–Žπ–‰π–Š π–“π–ŽπŸ…±πŸ…±π–†π–˜ 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙 π–π–“π–”π–œ π–’π–Š π–‡π–Šπ–˜π–™
𝕴 π–‹π–Šπ–Šπ–‘ π–‘π–Žπ–π–Š π–’π–Š 𝖆𝖓𝖉 π•Ώπ–†π–žπ–‘π–”π–— π–’π–Žπ–Œπ–π–™ π–˜π–™π–Žπ–‘π–‘ π–π–†π–›π–Š π–˜π–Šπ– ( Ν‘o ΝœΚ– Ν‘o)
𝕴 π–’π–†π–‰π–Š 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖙 π–‡π–Žπ–™π–ˆπ– π–‹π–†π–’π–”π–šπ–˜ (𝕲𝖔𝖉 𝖉𝖆𝖒𝖓)
𝕴 𝕸𝕬𝕯𝕰 ... read more
May 1, 2019
Just listened to 40 minutes of David Byrne losing his shit for like the 36th time, and it was amazing!

If there's one thing this album does somewhat better than other early Talking Heads albums, it's the ability to really stick with you while providing a unique, refreshing new wave, 70s rock experience! I find this album, in particular to be exceptionally catchy and accessible, but that might just be me. If you loved Remain In Light, do not miss out on this!
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