Apr 6, 2020
Sam Hunt's Southside, Or: How I Learned to Stop Caring and Embrace the Bomb

Moviegoers recall their first encounter with General Jack D. Ripper, they shall never forget his moronic claims of Soviet fluoridation intervening with 'the physical act of love'. Music listeners recall their first encounter with Sir Jackass Sam Hunt, they will never forget "Body Like a Backroad". Two men of opposite worlds share peculiar similarities, one a satire, the other an oblivious twat. Two incapable ... read more
Apr 5, 2020
Serenity and composure are just one pluck of a guitar string away.

A minimal live performance of staggering proportions, Ichiko Aoba offers a very special gift from afar, an antidote to treat and heal our sickened minds in a time of quarantine. The only ingredients of this therapeutic remedy: delicate strings of an acoustic guitar and the heavenly voice of an angel. It's authentic foreign folk tunes stripped to its bare essentials, though what you get out of it emotionally is far more ... read more
Apr 3, 2020
Heaven to a Tortured Mind: Sean Bowie and the ceaseless morphing of a musical enigma. In this latest output, Yves Tumor presents beauty beneath the rubble in the form of soaring, enriching rock instrumentation and sensual, soulful grooves which stick and strike from within. Shying away from eclecticism and spontaneity that defined his previous efforts, this album seizes to break apart the boundaries of what remains familiar to us listeners for an eccentric journey that's ever so strenuous, but ... read more
Apr 1, 2020
Heyyyyy buddy, did you hear the news? It's Track Reviews!

I rarely discuss singles, but this is a special occasion as I'd been truly taken aback by what I was hearing and would love to spread the word about this upcoming Klô Pelgag record. I'm at a loss of words! With the two tracks she's teased thus far, this being the second, "Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs" is truly shaping up to be her most eloquent, personal album, a collection of closely-knit poetic stories reminiscent of ... read more
Mar 27, 2020*
By the time you hear the next pop, th' funk shall be within you.

Lately, I've been contemplating over what makes pop music truly appealing and formidable. A friend once invited me over to a Dua Lipa concert back in 2018. I recall having a particular dislike for her music and "radio pop" in general. My biggest regret? While everyone in the venue danced their problems away and "lived-in-the-moment", I distanced myself, missing out on all the joy I could've had. Expecting 'la ... read more
Mar 27, 2020

I think I've just about had it with this "real rap" mentality bullshit. It's been plaguing the mainstream hip hop scene for years, only served to make already toxic online music discussions even more miserable and pathetic. ADHD is the final straw. Joyner Lucas has the lyrical subtlety of a straight line. His brand of overtly generic trap/pop rap seems to only appeal to people who wet their panties over "fast ... read more
Mar 24, 2020
Y'all know why you're here today.
Mar 20, 2020*
Current AOTY Frontrunner.

Almost 18 years ago, Baxter Dury emerged as one of the oddest, promising acts in the British indie rock scene. An enigmatic musician, he spent much of his career, album after album, piecing together a sound that was truly his own. In 2020, reaching the pinnacle of his artistic ingenuity, Dury cements his place with not only his finest, most formidable, fully recognized work, but musically, it's a glamorous celebration/culmination of all his notable accomplishments as ... read more
Mar 20, 2020*
Water is wet, but these Weeknd reviews are wetter.

Abel's latest full-length LP is a fan-pleasing project that finds him embarking on a new synthpop/synthwave aesthetic. It's not a prompt return to his darker, melancholic alternative r&b roots as most fans would have you believe, but following a streak of average releases, After Hours is perhaps The Weeknd's most satisfying studio effort musically. It's loaded with lush, pristine production that serves as a nice cushion on top of Abel's ... read more
Mar 19, 2020
If the whole world goes to ruin and we all get offed tomorrow, hit me up at the local pub. I'll be jamming out to this album on loop, chugging down an entire box of Corona Extra, and dancing like a goddamn restless lunatic in my underwear until I inevitably shit my pants, get a severe seizure and drop head-first onto the stage floor. I'd like to think that's exactly how David Byrne would go out, rock on you superstar!

At times breathtaking, at times moving, yet endlessly energetic and ... read more
Mar 14, 2020
Simply cannot discuss this incredible big band jazz record without giving my man Kyle, @NewDawnFadez, a shoutout! From one of Japan's most notable jazz orchestras, Shibuboshi was undeniably a fun, unforgettable oriental journey that sparkles in its grandiose presentation!

Elegance filtered in immaculate chaos, it's easy to describe the experience as "larger-than life". Its enthralling, continually intense compositions, arranged by 30+ immensely passionate musicians, make for an ... read more
Mar 13, 2020
To everyone interested in this band, I highly suggest checking out their 2016 debut, 'Wisdom of Elders' if you haven't already, incredible display of instrumental brilliance!

Skillful, well-spoken, innovative, I've recently gained a huge admiration and deep fascination for saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings and his very notable works in groups such as The Comet is Coming and Sons of Kemet. In this current sociopolitical climate, the modernistic, unconventional jazz compositions he tends to be ... read more
Mar 13, 2020
My sincere hope is that as the years go by, Jay Electronica's grand studio album debut will be regarded as a commendable moment in modern hip hop. What I believe such a great album from a skilled rapper represents, ultimately, is that age does not determine your place in rap. In a culture widely dominated by a young generation of aspiring acts, Jay Electronica proved, at the age of 43, that he has the full capability of putting together an innovative, abundant, thoughtful piece of work. And he ... read more
Mar 7, 2020
I was that one annoying kid in preschool who'd yell "SWING SWING SWING" every time we were at the playground, my supervisors hated me haha! One time, I had too much fun and tore down an entire swing set, oops. Glad to see it being turned into an actual song.

Mar 6, 2020
Picking apart the lead singles and much of the critical insight, it seemed most reasonable that "Heavy Light", while reminiscent of the excellent, vibrant records that preceded it, is to be analyzed as its own exclusive product, one that wallows in moderate presentation, pensive personality, and reflective retrospection, rather than musical exhilaration or conceptual expansiveness. In principle, such a stylistic contrast isn't illogical for Meghan Remy, following up the thematic, ... read more
Mar 5, 2020
It's my birthday, consider this some sort of 'special' review.

Alright, so hear me out...

Had I been judging this record based purely on musical incompetency and pitifulness, I wouldn't hesitate to call "Father of All..." one of the worst albums of all time, the biggest middle finger Green Day fans could possibly receive. But there comes a time when a record becomes so unlikable, so devoid of thought and artistry whatsoever, so paper thin, so agonizing in every way imaginable that ... read more
Mar 2, 2020*
Japanese rapper Awich has completely shattered the language barrier with her latest album, KUJAKU, one of the most exciting, hard-hitting, unhinged, passionate rap projects you and I may have the pleasure of listening to this year!

First, some background: Those who have been closely following the Japanese hip hop scene for the past few years, it should come as little to no surprise that going into the 2020s, the genre has found itself in, to put it simply, a Renaissance age. The remarkable ... read more
Feb 25, 2020
In light of recent events, a lot of negativity has been surfacing in and around this community. I'd like to avert people's attention away from that and highlight a Korean folk pop record I feel is well worth listening to in a time like this.

With music, there are often cultural barriers. In my years of travelling around the world, getting to meet new people of different backgrounds and gaining new experiences, the one thing that's stuck out in my mind was the difficulty of adapting to a new ... read more
Feb 21, 2020*
(edit: Hooo, that's a lot of bots. I haven't seen much of those outside of Mike Bloomberg's campaign rallies. Just like all the money in the world cannot buy you the US presidency, all the 100s in the world will not buy you Rob's approval. See you at the finish line.)

Excluding Persona, this starts off insanely strong with 'Interlude: Shadow', then plummets harder than Joe Biden at the polls.
Feb 21, 2020
Ethereal beauty burrowed in complete disarray and mayhem, Miss Anthropocene is a natural extension, cryptically eclectic, A.I. dystopian counterpart to Art Angels that sees Grimes fully taking center stage in ways never seen before. The result, ironically, is her most catastrophically intense and compassionately innate record yet.

Let me just say that I don't think I've ever, over the last decade, been so intensely captured and drenched in a Grimes album as much as I was with Miss ... read more
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Recent Review Comments
On Ichiko Aoba - "Gift" at Sogetsu Hall
"@thejacktackshac Appreciate the support, I highly recommend this one!"
On Ichiko Aoba - "Gift" at Sogetsu Hall
"@WhatTheFunk Thank you for the comments! I was very pleased with discussing this for a review, I feel much more people on this site need to get a chance to hear Ichiko Aoba's works. Always great to see amazing music bring out the best of people and this community. I eagerly await to see you review this, there's certainly discussion to be found! "
On WhatTheFunk's review of Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
"I also have to disagree with the second half being weaker. I find it to be conceptually the most satisfying (obviously songs like Blacker the Berry and How Much A Dollar Cost). Production-wise, they're prob the most unique (the clunky "Momma", "Complexion", "You Ain't Gotta Lie"). Unforgettably beautiful, stunning moments I find very exciting, perhaps even more than the energy in the first half. You mention how it's a bit too early to be judging the art, but is it? That's something I wonder... I prob was expecting some formal, analytic review, but knowing TPAB, there isn't much to be said other than "exceptional". This is one of those records that are hard to be formal about. I appreciate you being more personal and discussing elements outside of the music itself though. It was very fun dissecting what you had to say. Apologies if my comments are long and unclear, just wanted to get my thoughts out. Disagreed with some points, but that's part of the fun! ;)"
On WhatTheFunk's review of Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
"I see youve mentioned how TPAB isn't a GKMC 2. I get the reasoning, but I feel it's more so due to the instrumentation. Yes, there's a clear shift in message and its presentation, but not to discredit it being the logical follow-up to GKMC consciously. These albums work as pairs, though same amount of enjoyment can be had without referring back to GKMC. Hearing these records together I find makes room for appreciation and respect seeing Kendrick's great progression as an artist, that's what makes TPAB so captivating as music that brings people together. Regarding the last track Mortal Man, in no way would I consider it "pretentious" even the slightest bit. When a concept like TPAB comes forth so immaculately, builds up track by track for an incredible send-off, the result feels ever so natural and effortless. I think that term would imply Kendrick at any moment was shoving a message down our throats, which he nicely avoids imo. "
On WhatTheFunk's review of Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
"Well, this was indeed a long one. I finally took the time to sit down and read through it, I can tell you had quite the passion to write about this. :) A bit tedious personally, but very interesting read! So here's my thoughts: I feel I can relate with a lot of your experiences with this record, even though they're different. It's fascinating hearing the initial thoughts of Kendrick fans leading up and in the release of TPAB, how mixed they were. Funny considering what this album has become in a few short years. I remember my introduction to hip hop, overcoming what I'd been raised to believe, and this being my introduction to Kendrick. Very demanding indeed, but it was an experience I knew was unique and fascinating, only to blossom into something special. Pure instrumental and conceptual awe, grand records like this don't come in spades. Every bit of the album I find is carefully patched."
On Klô Pelgag - J'aurai les cheveux longs
"@WhatTheFunk Thank you for the comment! Going back and relistening to this song again with that little bit of insight, I've found myself even more engrossed with the lyrics. Her use of language is simple, yet speaks volumes and doesn't shy away from purity and emotion. I'm currently having a great time going through her old podcasts, interviews, and performances. She is a unique artist to admire, bound to come out with one of the best records this year. KLÔ PELGAG GANG!"
On Plats's review of Awich - KUJAKU
On Plats's review of Talking Heads - Little Creatures
"Stay up Late is top-tier unintentionally intentionally unintentionally intentional shitpost music"
On WhatTheFunk's review of Oiseaux-Tempête - Ütopiya?
"Decided to get some background info about the band after reading. The lead vocalist and alto saxophonist Frédéric Oberland caught my eye, was shocked to see they're affiliated with FareWell Poetry! I can only imagine the intensity that this band would bring forth knowing that knowledge. Off-topic: Any thoughts on the new "like" feature (since you "liked" this album)? According to Rob, it's currently work in progress, but I see potential in it being usefully integrated into this site."
On WhatTheFunk's review of Joe Hisaishi - Spirited Away
"(sorry bout the double comment, was trying to edit the first comment and forgot to delete haha, oopsies)"
On Kengoji™'s review of Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
"You're not you when you're hungry"
On WhatTheFunk's review of Joe Hisaishi - Spirited Away
"Reading this review takes me back. I can picture that famous train scene all over again, overpowering intimacy is what I'd feel. Hayao Miyazaki knew of his art very well, nobody could've captured that serene feeling quite as he did with Spirited Away. And to think I wouldn't even personally consider it to be top 3 Ghibli films! Joe Hisaishi was the perfect musical right-hand man of Miyazaki. No one better could've so beautifully integrated his artistic vision into music form. That I find so mutual and fascinating about Ghibli film scores. Hisaishi was at his finest with the Princess Mononoke score, absolute bliss that leaves me paralyzed every time I hear it! That one in particular is an all time musical favorite of mine, you've got me motivated to discuss it sometime soon. :)"
On 𝙅𝙖𝙧𝙤𝙣's review of Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia
"ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)"
On JIMPY's review of Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
"You must really hate puppies, I feel sorry for ya"
On VanguardCD's review of Radiohead - OK Computer
On BuffaloStaple's review of Saba - Care for Me
"@RakkSmells This review didn't need explaining"
On Z.Younk's review of Taylor Swift - Lover
On thecovid19's review of Denzel Curry - 13LOOD IN + 13LOOD OUT MIXX
"Didn't know albums could get test results too"
On Ariana Grande - Sweetener
"@BruhMan Yeah, me neither"
On Baxter Dury - The Night Chancers
"@WhatTheFunk A solid 9 too I might add! I'm always finding more and more to appreciate about this record. I'm very glad to see you enjoyed it too, knew it would be right up your alley!"
On Kengoji™'s review of Jay Electronica - A Written Testimony
""Viper > Jay-Z" That, but unironically."
On Brad Taste's review of The Weeknd - After Hours
""you should go into an album in the proper place if you're going to put your opinions out there" Definitely agree, that's how I feel music should be consumed/reviewed. And I do think people have no reason to judge for simply enjoying music. If Brad was a fellow music journalist, I'd call him out for it. But I don't come on AOTY expecting well formulated, informative reviews. I come on here expecting a man tripping on adderall and that's exactly what I got. Only now are people getting upset over this because of the album in question. If his score was 20 points higher, no one would bat an eye. The way I see it, I don't see a half-asleep opinion as any less credible than people who've rushed first impressions the moment this album dropped just to get a review out."
On Brad Taste's review of The Weeknd - After Hours
"I don't necessarily agree with Brad's review mindset, but last time I checked, this site was about sharing music, not judging how people listen to albums. Am I missing something here?"
On The Weeknd - After Hours
"@KIDWITHGUNs Nah, your statement is very reasonable. That's exactly how I feel and what ultimately prevents people like me from enjoying a Weeknd record in full."
On Kengoji™'s review of The Weeknd - After Hours
"雨雲の灯りで瞳をつないで ようやく辿り着いた ここは大きな日本家屋 長いトンネルを抜けるまで 怖かったよね ほっとして 座り込んだ"
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