Kids See Ghosts - KIDS SEE GHOSTS
Jun 6, 2018 (updated Jun 10, 2018)
AOTY. Outstanding project in every way. This album's just good for your soul. This is what music should be.

* Best Kanye project since MBDTF. Best Cudi project ever (I actually love MOTM). Best album since TPAB.
* 4th Dimension has to be the song of the year.

Track 1 (Feel the Love): Pusha T has the opening verse the and takes a victory lap. beautiful, haunting hook by Cudi. Has been field-tested on my gym playlist, Ye's raw, animalistic adlib gun sounds are guaranteed to make you 10% faster and lift 20% heavier. Beautiful Ratatat meets MGMT esque guitars and synths.

Track 2 (Fire): Sounds like the soundtrack to the best Spaghetti Western ever. Andre 3k helped on production. He (Weirdly) loves SB2H, can see his fingerprints all over it. 3k & Ye know how to bring the best out of Cudi.

Track 3 (4th Dimension): I've run out of superlatives to describe this song. Song of the Year. Kanye ending the debate about who's best producer of all time. Great rapping by Cudi & Ye too.

Track 4 (Freeee): Some are loving the psychadelic vibes. Bit self-indulgent for me. Like the production but not really loving the Cudi hook. Totally subjective though, they executed what they set out to do perfectly. Just not quite my tempo - keeps the album from getting a perfect score.

Track 5 (Reborn): Sounds like 2010 in the best way. It's the essence of the best bits of MOTM distilled into one perfect song. A bit like Pursuit & Sky Might Fall had a baby that was raised by Kanye & MGMT.

Track 6 ( KSG): Very close 2nd, could see this eventually becoming my favourite song from the album. Amazing Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) feature makes me wish he had a Ye-produced project coming out this summer. The production is so cool. Beautiful singing by Cudi. Kanye murdering his verse. Hope he keeps putting effort into his lyricism. Dope Herzog reference.

Track 7 (Cudi Montage): The soul of SB2H but if SB2H was really good. Ye, again, outstanding verse. Got some strong"The Microphones" and Mount Eerie vibes. Hints of Sufjan Carrie & Lowell in here too.

Best Songs - Feel The Love, Fire, 4th Dimension, Reborn, Kids See Ghosts, Stay Strong. Not taking the piss, they've literally made 6 songs that could all be legit song of the year contenders in 2015, 2016 or 2017. All tied together in such a cohesive package.

Everything you loved about this combo on 808s, executed much better with a lot more innovation showcasing their artistic evolution since then. They work together so damn well, Reborn is probably the best demonstration of this - Amazing bars and creative flow by Ye, soothing hook by Cudi all tied together with such tight production.

Biggest shock has to be the outstanding lyrical performance from Kanye. Honestly didn't think he would rap with bars & flows like this ever again. On that note, some of the best Kanye production of all time - 4th Dimension's 1938 sample is just nuts.

Always had a love/hate relationship with Cudi. Love his peaks but he gets self-indulgent on his bloated solo projects. A 7-10 track version of Passion, Pain could've been an AOTY contender. This album ALMOST but not quite reigns in his self-indulgent singing/thematic repetition. Ghost Town pt. 2 stops this from a 10/10 score.
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