inu5za -
TLDR: Flawless production. Weakest Wyoming album. Kanye steals the show with his production and (surprisingly) his singing. Not bad from Nas but his bars would've been a 7/10 on lesser production.

Highlights: Cops Shot the Kid (Best Production), Adam & Eve (Best Bars, 2nd best production)

I like a lot of Nas' songs but I've never been a fan of Nas. Have had a respect for his abilities as a rapper, not really as a musician or personality. Very glad he brought Kanye in to fix his inability ... read more
inu5za -
Best Track: Speaking Terms
Worst Track: Pristine

Aggressively overrated, it all just sounds like one long song. I've given it a half star bonus for its sincerity.

But I didn't really care for Soccer Mommy either. Don't understand why music publications are trying to shove lazy trap male albums, lazy indie female albums and lazy sexually explicit LGBT albums down our throat. Take 2-3 out of 10 off the Pitchfork score for either of these sub-genres to get the real score.

By-the-books indie ... read more
inu5za -
Best Track: Where Did I Go?, Wandering Romance, Tomorrow

Throwback R&B vibes. Could be on any generic coffee house playlist. Boring & shallow lyricism. Weak hooks & melodies. Mostly forgettable instrumentals & production.

Nice voice I guess. Good mixing and audio engineering. Do not understand the hype. She's not an FKA Twigs. Maybe a less interesting Connie Constance.

It's not even one of those "you ain't gotta like it cause the hood gone love it" situations. She ... read more
inu5za -
Meh. Not even that danceable.

Musical equivalent of: hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!!

Quirky, not clever. Courtney Barnett school of long titles to confuse bad music reviewers trying to be alt-trendsetters into giving big scores.
inu5za -
AOTY. Outstanding project in every way. This album's just good for your soul. This is what music should be.

* Best Kanye project since MBDTF. Best Cudi project ever (I actually love MOTM). Best album since TPAB.
* 4th Dimension has to be the song of the year.

Track 1 (Feel the Love): Pusha T has the opening verse the and takes a victory lap. beautiful, haunting hook by Cudi. Has been field-tested on my gym playlist, Ye's raw, animalistic adlib gun sounds are guaranteed to make you 10% ... read more
inu5za -
TLDR: AOTY. Kanye's done it again. Not as good as MBDTF or LR, better than 808s & Yeezus. Sweet, very personal project with impeccable production, the tightest lyrical performance since MBDTF and a couple of bangers. Couple of dad jokes too but they're funny & charismatic.

Best Advice? Ignore the reviews. It's a short album, give it 3 or 4 listens and make your own mind up. People are too emotional to be objective. Don't poison the well, think for yourself. I think you'll probably ... read more
inu5za -
Pleasantly surprised by this album. Big Sean falls back into a few bad habits like corny puns on occasion but this is a mature and well executed project.

The main criticism of this album is that the overarching concept is a lot less ambitious and intriguing than Sean thinks it is. He contrasts a potential life path where he took a bold career/love/family decisions and another where he didn't have the confidence to follow his desires.

With that being said, the rest of this album is excellent ... read more
inu5za -
Easily my least favourite Vince project.

His hooks are still terrible but have gotten worse.

Many risks taken on the production that have not paid off. I usually love his Flume collaborations but this one just doesn't work as well as Smoke & Mirrors. Kendrick's verse wasn't especially memorable either.

There was a lack of quality bars which is worrying for an artist who generally struggles with hooks and melodies.

Vince's pop/dance crossover attempts ("party people" etc.) ... read more
inu5za -
Listenable pop record with some grit. Well below the high concept ambitions of TPAB and the all-round mastery of GKMC.

Not bad but not really a massive step ahead of his contemporaries in 2017 like Big Sean.

Celebrated tracks like Love are of a similar quality to panned tracks on GKMC like Poetic Justice. It's catchy but weak compared to his discography. In a similar pop-vein, loyalty was a train wreck. Awful hook and listless delivery of the verses.

XXX took some risks and the ... read more
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On AZIZ's review of Nas - NASIR
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On MisterC95's review of Nas - NASIR
"50's too harsh for an album with production this good. It could be a 7 track of instrumentals with Nas fart noises and be atleast a 70."
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On Kanye West - ye
"Me: Think for yourself, make up your own mind. Nobody's really being objective. Low key kinda dope tho. pkat: NO! how dare you! I HATE THIS! People should be told to hate this because I hate this! Me, an intellectual: POOPITY SCOOP. SCOOPITY WHOOP. POOP. POOP."
On DEEPSLEEP's review of Playboi Carti - Die Lit
"This from a person who gave "Die Lit" a 86. You're the music review game Hillary Clinton. People as obnoxious as you are why the alt-right is a thing. Such a stupid opinion attacking the validity of people's taste rather than offering anything resembling substantive analysis of the actual music is what gets voted to the top."
On DEEPSLEEP's review of Kanye West - ye
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On gabbygee's review of Kanye West - ye
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On Kanye West - ye
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On Kanye West - ye
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On joshmq71's review of Kanye West - ye
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