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Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Mar 29, 2023 (updated May 20, 2023)
Ok so now that Ye has decided to stop being Yitler for now thanks to Jonah Hill, I’ve decided to finally listen to some of his shit mostly guilt free. I tried to get into him back in the end of September after me and some friends were discussing him at lunch and I listened to Power, which I thought was PHENOMENAL. But after that I never went back and hearing him go crazy antisemitic in October I never wanted to go back. Him meeting Fuentes in November and becoming Yitler right afterwards cemented this. So now I’ll say how I feel about this album. This is truly a grand album. The production is simply astounding, and Kanye is really good at rapping, and the features perfectly complement this. My main issue is that some of the bars here are just… awkward. Like there’s a lot of standard misogynistic lyrics you hear in some hip hop, but no Ye, I DON’T WANNA SEE A PICK OF YOUR DICK!!! There are also some tracks I find to be while still quite great, kinda drag (specifically Blame Game like no one wants to hear how good Ye make some girl’s pussy). So really the question is, what is a 100? To me, it’s either that you can’t point out a single flaw in the album whatsoever or alternatively, any minor flaw is far outshined by the achievements of the album. Now, in my opinion, this album definitely is not the first, but the question is now if it’s the second to me. And personally? I kinda think so. Now this is a really shaky 100, and if Ye ever says some other shit which is very likely, I’m taking off a few points. Not really a unique review at all but honestly what is there to say about this album.
Edit: barely a 100 tbh, but very close
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