Nicole Dollanganger - Curdled Milk
Thought I’d do a dive into my (at the moment) favorite artist’s main influence. So this album was recorded back before Nicole really made slowcore or dream pop, and is a really minimal indie folk album, but if there’s one similarity between this and the later music of hers I’ve heard it’s that it’s lyrically creepy asf. I know during this time Nicole had been struggling with an eating disorder, so it makes sense why it would be very lyrically dark, although ... read more
Drake - Hotline Bling
Ngl, relistening to this rn I kinda still like it. I’m certainly no fan of Drake, especially the few songs I’ve heard from him recently, but I would say I liked him quite a bit in Middle School, specifically this song and God's Plan, and I gotta say this song, unlike God's Plan, actually holds up quite well for me. I think his vocals are pretty good, it’s got a solid melody, and I think the production is honestly pretty great with that well made trap beat and the nice synths ... read more
Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell
Jesus fucking Christ, this thing destroyed me. I was in particular waiting to listen to this and Illinois when I was starting my Sufjan discog dive, and after hearing the perfection of Illinois with its atmosphere, its grandeur, and its theatrical conceptuality centered around the state of Illinois, I thought it would be impossible for Sufjan to top an album that perfect, at least for me. Well… I think this is now my favorite album by him. From the second this album started, it ... read more
Sachiko M + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Snow, Silence, Partially Sunny

This seems to be Jade's like favorite album, and an important album of Sachiko M aka Lady Tinnitus and Ryuichi Sakamoto (RIP btw) who I haven't listened to any of his solo work, but I have ... read more

Mitski - My Love Mine All Mine
This totally deserves to be the hit of the album cuz it’s seriously so strong from a melodic standpoint. It’s unbelievable memorable and beautiful, yet also very lightly emotional. TLIIASAW (idk if that’s the best acronym lol) is still AOTY imo and this is probably one of my favorites off it
Duster - Stratosphere
Been wanting to check this out for a while, especially since I’ve heard Inside Out before and thought it was beautiful and my second favorite album of all time is a slowcore album (well according to RYM contrarians PD is just basic bitch alt-pop but they’re all a bunch of LOSERS and IDIOTS so their opinions don’t matter, plus slowcore is such a loose genre categorization in the first place so trying to stick it to a single definitive vibe or sound is stupid) so that made me ... read more
Steve Reich and Musicians - Music for 18 Musicians
Now classical has never really done it for me. I really really love when it’s incorporated into pop, rock or folk music, and I think it can totally enhance emotions there, but on its own it’s just never been more than “oh that’s kinda cool I guess” for me, much to the dismay of all the classical heads I follow on here and my music teacher. But seeing so many people on here, including people who normally aren’t that into classical rate this so highly had me ... read more
yeule - Serotonin II
Never knew I needed something like this in my life until now. I had heard of yeule before listening to this, originally finding them in the “similar artists” section to Ethel Cain for some reason on Apple Music (it’s completely different now, but her original one had a bunch of random artists I’d never heard of, Lingua Ignota (which actually kinda makes sense aesthetically) and of course, yeule). I remember a friend of mine put their album Glitch Princess on her best ... read more
Weyes Blood - Rough Trade Session
Even stripped down to the bare minimum, these tracks are still so beautiful. Basically this is just 4 tracks off of Titanic Rising which she took a lot of the rich, grand aspects out of like the strings and shit and just performed with the bare minimum like a piano and shit. While I’d mostly rather listen to the album versions of these songs, I think this live performance has this deeply personal feel that the originals can’t really replicate, and they also demonstrate how despite ... read more
Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz
Sufjan takes an entirely new direction, and completely nails it. Well perhaps not entirely new, as he had already been experimenting with glitchy electronic stuff on Enjoy Your Rabbit (to mixed results imo) and even tried combining electronics with his usual more folky style on one of the tracks on his All Delighted People EP right before this album, but here he for the most part leans into a completely new sound of this weird artsy, glitchy, indietronica that ditches the folk he’d been ... read more
Lift to Experience - The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads
Wtf were they thinking with that cover? Like every time I went to look at the lyrics I couldn’t help but laugh at just how bad it is lmao. So yeah, this is it, the famous “shoegaze post-rock album with that cover that not only screams graphic design is my passion, but also makes you think you’re gonna listen to the worst country album ever” and yeah, it’s amazing lmao. Conceptually, it’s very weird, with this whole idea of Christ coming back and Texas being ... read more
Lift to Experience - Just As Was Told
Wtf is this lmao. It took some time to get used to, but honestly perfect song aside from the lyrics and concept being really dumb, but honestly I find it funny so I’ll give it a pass
Ethel Cain - Golden Age
I really badly wanted to hear Sunday Morning (Demo) but I literally can’t find it anywhere online, and the Bandcamp version of this is either buy the CD for ONE THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS (which I was considering for a minute until I realized that’s the dumbest shit ever just to listen to a demo) and get all the bonus tracks or just buy the digital version which is literally the exact same as the streaming version (at least to my knowledge since the digital Bandcamp version has the ... read more
Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People

So I really wanna dive into Sufjan while going through his discography, and I didn’t potentially wanna miss out on a great EP so I decided to check this out before The Age of Adz, and god, I don’t regret it. This thing is underrated as SHIT. The title track on here is an absolutely insane progressive folk track that just had so much going on I couldn’t keep up. It still blew my mind though. On that track vocally, Sufjan ... read more

Earth, Wind & Fire - September
Listened to this in music class for this special day, and god is this just such a banger. Everything is just so well done, I don’t have much else to say tbh
Weyes Blood - Twin Flame
Honestly underrated on AITDHA, such a beautiful lush art pop track, especially with that beat in the background, which gives this a unique, almost nostalgic feel
Ethel Cain - Golden Age (Piano Version)
The original version of this song I consider to be such a beautifully powerful closer to the already fantastic Golden Age EP, but this version different. I feel like the production on the original was very very electronic, especially with the heavy drone reminiscent of some of early Grouper that hits on the second chorus and her vocals were sorta produced in a way that felt very produced over, but that only strengthened the impact due to the ethereal magic it increases vocally. This version ... read more
Ethel Cain - Dust Bowl (Demo)
Apparently Jane Remover did a cover of this demo, which also made me realize that I’ve never actually listened to this demo before lol. It apparently samples Stars Will Fall by Duster, and it’s a huge vibe of a sample that honestly makes me wanna check out Duster. The song itself is very pretty with these weird layered auto tuned vocals from her that fit the vibe quite well. Lyrically it seems to touch on a relationship Ethel has with a guy she met when she was younger that is ... read more
Taylor Swift - Gorgeous
Honestly never knew the name of this but I always thought this was a Lover era song, not a Reputation one. My school keeps playing this song right before the bell on some days, and STAY by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber on others, and honestly I prefer this song by quite a bit. It’s still a reputation era single so I’m obviously not a huge fan of any of what I’ve heard from that album and I’m not exactly huge on this song, but I think it’s got a pretty good ... read more
Weyes Blood - Children of the Empire
Such a beautifully euphoric song, those fucking harpsichords and strings feel so so grand yet also so just emotional, idk in what way but they just do. The lyrics are similarly fantastic with them actively calling on the “children of the empire” (so like gen Z probably lol) to go and actively try and make changes to the shitty state of the world. It’s probably her most political song, and it’s beautiful
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