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Jan 19

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isaacf536 -
One of the things I find interesting about Tangerine dream is how they seem to balance a weightless soundscape with electronics in a way that's time stamp vintage but also seemingly modern. This is my favorite album from them due to its length (I get really overstimulated from listening to some of the others like force majeure and phaedra) and how it seemlessly balances dissonance, weightlessness, driving synths, and this dual quality where it seems like the album lasts forever and no time at ... read more
isaacf536 -
The cover pretty much sums up what this album is. It's mid 70s somewhat over-sentimental straightforward classic rock with decent writing. It reminds me of those times where you go up at night to a city lookout spot with a friend and talk about dumb shit until you lose track of time. It doesn't feel dumb in the moment though but kinda an in-sync sad nostalgia feeling. So I guess when I feel like that or want to I'll throw on this album. I'm not a huge Jackson Browne fan (especially when he goes ... read more
isaacf536 -
Apologies in Advance is compelling particularly in how it weaves in the interludes. The 12 step format does not feel patronizing and hits on some very well-thought points on the human condition. Love the flow. The beats aren't groundbreaking but have enough quirks and jazzy instrumentation to make them engaging.

Favorite tracks: Best Me, Selfish, Coffee Break, POME
Dec 6, 2020
Thanks so much! that really means a lot to hear!
Dec 4, 2020
It is me yet again, this time with a new single, and I think it's the best thing I've done so far. I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Dec 2, 2020
Hey there! How are you? I'm making a list and I would like to know: what do you think is a perfect album to listen to in a certain city and which city would that be? Try and choose a city from your country or state/province. If you want to add some on words on why you would choose that album, they will be welcome. Thank you!
Nov 4, 2020
I'm always open to new music (although uni is keeping me a bit busy atm) so whenever you find a cool record or something let me know! Anyways I'm always checking what my friends here are reviewing and if I find it interesting I check it out and maybe even review it too. So reach out whenever you want, either to recommend or to get a recommendation!
Nov 2, 2020
Thank you so much! There's tons of great music from latin america and specially Argentina (my country). I would suggest to start with Artaud, by the legendary Spinetta. It's a highly conceptual psychedelic folk/rock masterpiece.
Pescado Rabioso - Artaud:

Something more on the pop side, I would suggest Clics Modernos, by Charly García. This album was produced and released under the worst military dictatorship in Argentina, and of course most of the lyrics are about that, either in a witty or sad way.
Charly García - Clics Modernos:

On the more rock side of things, one of my personal favs is Dynamo by the mytical Soda Stereo (led by Gustavo Cerati). This guys were pioneers in latin america for many styles of music.
Soda Stereo - Dynamo:

HMU if you need anything else! :)
Nov 1, 2020
Thank you then😇
Nov 1, 2020
Hi, I just released my new Ep Yūgen (幽玄) It is made in ambient style so if you like this kind of music you can give it a chance if you want. I would be very happy to hear what are your thoughts about this record. Simple rating would be great too!! Thank you and sorry for bothering ^.^

Here is a link to Ep:
Oct 30, 2020
Hey there! Thanks for the follow! Also really cool you enjoy some latin american music like Cerati or Cartola :)
Jul 7, 2020
@brockleyrob thank you so much 🤩
Apr 17, 2020
Hi there! I accidentally deleted my Fetch the Bolt Cutters review (instead of 'editing' it) and I'm quite pleased with it, would you mind giving it another look? I don't expect a like, just a read my friend!
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