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ItsJustArcherr -
I just wanna write about how much this album means to me. As an introvert, I'm not exactly the most sociable person and sometimes I get lonely when I'm at home without my friends. And as a guy who is mostly feminine, I am fragile, shy, and sensitive. And because of these two main personalities of mine, I personally and emotionally connected with Flower Boy the most out of any other album ever. Like, no joke, I teared up at 'Garden Shed' two separate times, just because of the hard hitting and ... read more

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ItsJustArcherr -
After a year and almost a half, the best boy band since One Direction has returned for their 6th studio album. They are back, and they're introducing themselves as the Roadrunners.

[Clarification: I'm still on break. I just somehow had time to listen to the album and write this review.]

Having listened to this album three times now, I gotta say I was pretty underwhelmed by this project. It's not bad by any means, I mean, look at the score I gave it. I just can't help but wanting more out of ... read more
ItsJustArcherr -
This is not a review. i just wanted to say that I am once again taking a break. I did take a break a while back, even though it only lasted 2 weeks. But at this case, I will still be rating albums when I hear new ones, but I won't be doing any reviews at this time. Part of the reason is school, but the main reason is what I'd call "reviewing fatigue," where if I try to write reviews, I couldn't think of what to write, and it'd literally take me days to write up a review as simple as ... read more
ItsJustArcherr -
I now have a new favorite song, guys. Can't believe I've only heard of this masterpiece just a few minutes ago. I feel uncultured and dumb, and forgive me, Mr. Leviathan-san.
ItsJustArcherr -
[I'm including Week 6 in this album review. For those who played the game, you know what I mean.]

Maybe it's just bias because my friends recommended me this game, but damn, this is probably one of the most creative game soundtracks I've heard in a while. The beats are quite simple and fun, but a variety of sounds and eclectic ideas are present in this that ultimately come together to make up of not just this soundtrack, but the base and foundation of the game. So not only is this soundtrack ... read more
ItsJustArcherr -
Jokes aside, Frou Frou's cover of Holding Out For a Hero is actually really good, and it does not have the right to bop THIS MUCH.


Apr 18, 2021
What's your favorite Swans record and song? (List)
Mar 12, 2021
No way 😱😱😱
Mar 6, 2021
Woah 😳
Mar 3, 2021
thanks man!!! ❤️ i am doing that
Feb 3, 2021
When Chimecha returns
Feb 2, 2021
c h i m p
Jan 5, 2021
thank you, i appreciate the kind words, happy new years too, see you around!
Jan 5, 2021
congrats on the 100 followers, found your account just now, solid reviews!
Jan 3, 2021
great reviews <3 [2]
Dec 20, 2020
Hey, can you give me some critical feedback on my Ichiko Aoba review. Thanks!


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