Feb 27, 2020
Since y'all fuckin bots and fans want a "genuine review" from me, then fucking fine. I thought this album was average. There's nothing that much to talk about. Since the album is 70+ minutes, it's quite too long for me, and it's too long for a BTS album, in my opinion. But because of the album's gimmick of 7 being the band's lucky number and all that, they just HAD to make this 70+ minutes long, apparently. And to fill that in, they added literally half of the Persona EP into the first part of the album. But because I was familiar with the songs, it made it easier for me to get into the album, I guess, since I actually ADORE the first two songs.

If I haven't mentioned a song from the album in this paragraph, that means I forgot about those and they don't interest me enough to make me talk about 'em. I'm not gonna talk about the songs from Persona EP, as I've done that with my recent review of that EP, so I'll start with Interlude: Shadow. That song, despite the second half sounding reminiscent of Travis Scott's style, is very enjoyable and quite possibly one of my favorite songs in the band's discography. Yoongi fuckin kills it in his track, and his performance, together with the production, are some of my favorite parts in this album. Black Swan was a pretty good track, the production could've used more sounds in the background to not make it feel empty at times, and the autotune could've been used less, and the band (especially the vocal line) already have really good vocals as they have proven that in the past. Louder than bombs is almost my least favorite in the album, its hook just sounds weird and kind of annoying, and I forgot what the rest of the song sounded like. ON! is the lead single for the album, and I get that it's a nod to BTS' second single ever "N.O," but I wish that Black Swan became the lead single instead, as that song is MUCH MORE interesting and artistically better (in my opinion) than this, but at least the song was still good. UGH! reminded me of the BTS' iconic Cypher series, where the rap line (RM, Suga, and J-Hope) comes together to make a bomb ass aggressive song that's usually the highlight of the albums they were part of, and UGH! does not disappoint, although some pf the autotune could've been used more subtly. Even though Namjoon and Yoongi are my favorite members, Hoseok's performance in UGH! is one of the highlights in the album; him playing with his voice fits with the tone he's trying to imitate, thus making his delivery much more effective. 00:00 is a pretty nice contrast to the aggressive and bombastic song it preceeded, and is easily the best song in this whole album. The theme of friendship an being there for someone has always been present in most of BTS' discography, and I'm glad to say that theme is very much still effective in this song. 00:00 is one of the best songs the band has ever put out. Period. The production makes it sound like you're flying through the magically blue sky in this fictional world full of clouds and cotton candy and all that good shit, while also having this subtle sense of melancholy inside you. It's amazing for all the right reasons, and that song should get ALOT more attention than it has right now. Fucking beautiful. Unfortunately, the album starts to fade out after 00:00. After 00:00, the only song I could remember is Moon. Moon was a surprise for me, as it is another solo by the band's most underrated member, Jin. The production is a bit underwhelming in it, but Jin's vocals make up for it, as the lyrics and his vocal performance are heartfelt.

The rest of the album is pretty forgettable. The album is kind of a mess, because tones keep shifting inconsistently, but at least it somehow made up by delivering some of the best songs in the band's discography.

Favorite Tracks: Intro: persona, Boy With Luv, Make It Right, Interlude: Shadow, UGH!, 00:00 (standout), and Moon.
Least Favorite: Outro: Ego and Louder than bombs.

Y'all happy now, bots and stans? Now get the fuck outta heeeeeeeere
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Feb 27, 2020
I forgot to copy my original review. Whoops. Oof so sad
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