Agust D - D-2
May 22, 2020 (updated May 22, 2020)
I've already shown my love for Yoongi in the past, but sadly I can't show the same in this mixtape. D-2 is probably one of the most disappointing records I've heard in a while. The problems I find with Yoongi's previous outings in both BTS and his solo material are so much *more evident in this whole mixtape.

Firstly, the record's tone is all over the place. The cohesiveness between the tracks are messy, the tracklisting could've been better. Second, some of the lyrical content is disappointing, in comparison to Yoongi's previous material. The chorus of "Daechwita" got repetitive easily and some parts in that song are actually somewhat lame. Thirdly, I don't mind Yoongi's vocals when he sings or raps, but boy does it get ruined by autotune. The autotune ruins my seriousness and immersion with some moments during the record and it annoyed me. And lastly, besides the track "People," I feel as if none of the songs are that memorable. I've already listened to the mixtape twice, (which is what I always do before reviewing records) yet I can't recall most of the songs. Nothing struck to me as a standout and nothing really impressed nor surprised me, which is a damn shame. Even the guest artists in this weren't that memorable at all (even RM, honestly). Usually, especially in BTS' recent records, Yoongi brings out some of the most impressive and best parts of their records. In this, I found little to no moments that impressed me. But of course, I found some things to appreciate in this; the production in each and every song in this is actually great, Yoongi's delivery in his verses are *mostly* captivating and entertaining to listen to, and even if his lyrical content in this record isn't his best, and there are a few verses here and there that are actually pretty good and effective (first verse in What do you think?, and last verse of Dear my friend).

Despite this, I will continue to support Yoongi and his future decisions in his music career. He has proven in the past that he has talent and that he is capable of making good (and sometimes great) music. I can only hope he realizes his flaws in this record and make a better record next time.

Favorite Track: People
Least Favorite: Burn It (feat. MAX)
May 22, 2020
They're trying to do everything they can to appeal to a wide audience while leaving making good music behind. They know that the atmosphere of the world today includes wild fans that will literally eat up anything so they know they can release anything they want. They continue marketing to a very fragile audience who have no real grasp on the world... basically exploiting them... Their music used to be good, but it's so hard to listen to anything put out by this company, knowing they use the fragile minds of some people to make all of their money...
May 22, 2020
Iam not fan but I read some reviews and his interview with time and of course he said that it is not about anything but that surely as a fan you expect it to be a commercial rap and consider it a bop. The lyrics, the rap, his style is very good and it doesn't have to be commercial, but anyway, you don't have to like everything. Still your criticism is very superficial looking for bops. Thank him that his mixtape takes him away of the industrialized nature of kpop and you have people listening to it.
May 23, 2020
@Kate_ If I were looking for bops, then surely I should've loved Daechwita, as that song seems appealing to mainstream audience. I've expressed my love for Yoongi's previous work, as I've said, and I've expressed my opinion respectfully and clearly, so idk why you called it "superficial," as I was genuine in this review, and I want Yoongi to do better as an artist next time.

With that long of a paragraph, that probably took you a decently long time to write, AND you were so defensive in your reply, meaning it's utter BULLSHIT that you're not a "fan." Go fuck yourself, K-pop bot
May 23, 2020
@KopeLuangraj BTS have always had a few gems in all of their records (00:00 and UGH! in their latest record), so I can't say they never make good music, it just so happens that the majority of their discography is intended to appeal to mainstream audiences. It's a shame they won't be giving out their best efforts in their work anytime soon. But I can only hope for the best. The rap line has talent in writing and production, so I just wish they do better next time.
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