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itstymyguy -
3.15.20 IS A MASTERPIECE, and I’m going to tell you why. It’s not a traditional album where any of the songs stand out. It’s an album of wonder, lostness, and wildness, all focused around the time we’re in right now. It begs the question to the listener: what is your life really about?

First of all, if Kid A is dystopian music, 3.15.20 is pre-Kid A. This is pre-dystopian music according to every lyric and sound on this thing.

I think this album is the result of a ... read more

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itstymyguy -
Disturbingly difficult to listen to, with not much of anything except random patches of experimentation shining through.
itstymyguy -
Production on some of these tracks probably came directly from God

...or the Devil, I mean he is the 6 God
itstymyguy -
One of the most addictive projects of all time. There are some relatively weak cuts, like Floyd Mayweather and Future Swag, but listening to any other track on here is like eating candy. The reggae-inspired trap production on this thing is straight-up brilliant, and Young Thug's vocals are on another planet. This guy has a type of swag unlike any other, and it is infectious.
itstymyguy -
Messy and bloated while lacking in any sort of consistent message or direction, Donda is rewarding nonetheless, as we are able to act as firsthand witnesses to the reconstruction of Kanye's psyche.

Moments while listening to this album are either redundant or absolutely chill-inducing (mostly the former). I don't understand why a lot of the songs ended up on the project. I guess that Kanye has given up on cutting in his musical diet. Although he has sacrificed concise clarity, he has revived ... read more
itstymyguy -
Humility at its finest. 22, A Million is a realization that we know basically nothing at all, that we are all here for a microscopic amount of time on this planet, and that we must express these ideas with incredible clarity… it is oxymoronic. But, that is the point. Creativity may be our greatest tool to reach the great beyond. Because even a million is incomprehensible in our eyes. Because sometimes we have to create that which we do not understand before we can come to understand the ... read more


Oct 6, 2021
Thanks for the follow!!!!!! :D
Sep 28, 2021
More like a 9.5 on second thought. 9.9 is too high
Sep 28, 2021
When it first dropped everything just sounded weird. I think it was because of the listening party hangover. The tracklist just felt so random and it took me some time to get used to a few songs which just sounded weird and repetitive on the first listen. The experience just kept getting better and better with more listens. Now the only skip for me is tell the vision (I don't listen to pt2s so not considering them when judging the album). I think on first listen it was a 7.5 and now it's a 9.9.
Jul 20, 2021
have you got a link to the discord
Jun 24, 2021
Yessss that album does not get enough credit
Jun 22, 2021
Thanks for the follow! I really appreciate it!
Jan 11, 2021
😲😲😲 welcome back
Jan 8, 2021
"Sorry, I have to ask y’all, cause I need a spoiler of this: Is this just Grown-up A"

*disables the comments*

smh my head
Dec 22, 2020
Yes of course, no bag to made on aoty
Dec 20, 2020


I’m a 17yo who is also a new music fan. It is awesome to meet you!

We live in a generation of excessive information. I will try to post reviews that are concise and, in my opinion, worthy of changing the discussion.

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29-20 β€” Horrible [Extremely Rare]
19-10 β€” Atrocious
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