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itstymyguy -
This is project in many ways symbolizes itself as the teenager of Tyler’s discography. Like... this is in many ways a transitional album from his hardcore rap style to his neo soul aesthetic. It’s inconsistent and explorative unlike any other Tyler album. People don’t give it enough attention, so it tries to steal your attention through its experimental nature. The whole project’s sound is literally a metaphor to how it feels before and after you jack off. The whole ... read more
itstymyguy -
The beats are super good some of the times, and at other times they are just okay... but what is this album really showcasing that is so incredible? The words they’re saying don’t really get the project any further toward a concept or message; it’s just two massively successful rappers making some, at times funny, bars about how successful they are, and then some of the times they reflect/reminisce on something deep for some reason? It’s almost always a throw off while ... read more
itstymyguy -
It’s actually not that bad at all, but the lack of concept and creative-inspiration can be felt throughout this project, especially in the production, but also in the bars. Also, the auto tune often holds this project back... it doesn’t fit the theme of the project. It’s a dark project, and it could be said that this sounds like a Travis Scott ripoff, but I don’t like to compare albums to anything but themselves. And it’s a fine record.
itstymyguy -
I can’t even pretend this is good lmao, but the environment that Lil Yachty creates here is cold, lonely, spacious, but at the same time immaturely sweet. It’s a unique album, and you can’t tell me that when you are super tired, but you still got work to do, that this isn’t the perfect album to put on. It’s so low key and carefree, and that is what this album has going for it. It’s all it needs.
itstymyguy -
A psychedelic experience in the sky... with the focus on having “ain’t no flight plans” but having still “spent 10 hours on this flight, man”. It’s an interesting concept to be so lost in drugs and the world, but at the same time you are mega rich and only have to look out a window of a private jet if you want to. Travis seems to reflect and reminisce on his life here, more than I’ve heard any artist do in any other trap album I’ve heard, and I ... read more
Jan 11, 2021
😲😲😲 welcome back
Jan 8, 2021
"Sorry, I have to ask y’all, cause I need a spoiler of this: Is this just Grown-up A"

*disables the comments*

smh my head
Dec 22, 2020
Yes of course, no bag to made on aoty
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