Izzitran -
"Oooh I LOVE MY WIFE I LOVE MY WIFE" but replace "MY WIFE" with "JESUS" and you got this album, abeit not as annoying as that thing that-shall-not-be-named
Izzitran -
First of all, anyone who gives this below 80 either wants to balance out those 100s from bots, or gerenally disliked Lana before still hasn't got on board with her. This album deserves an average of 80-85 at least. The reason why I give it a 9 is because it's a huge step-up from her last records. It's very cohesive, not all over the place like Lust for life. The song writing is definitely much better. And that 70s rock and roll guitar with the tropical beach vibes add so much to her ordinary ... read more
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On exception's review of Lana Del Rey - Norman Fucking Rockwell!
"I think a 80-82 is where this will settle. Not too high but still a turning point in her career. The positive reviews still come up. Unfortunately, she has to compete with Tool and their fans are dedicated af. "

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