Jeremy Zucker - Crusher
Oct 1, 2021
in three words; disappointing but expected

i've always had a soft spot for zuckers music. yeah, his lyrics often feel like they were written by a 'heartbroken' 14 year old and are way too on the nose for me but i found his music when i was in a really tough time and his production/vocals are usually quite enjoyable, at least for me. love is not dying is when of my favourite albums because of this. i've definelty heard better but it holds a very personal place in my heart and i love it to pieces.

however, despite all this, i wasn't looking forward to Crusher, mainly due to the singles. 18, the lead single of the album, is awful for several reasons, namely its super generic production and kinda creepy lyrics. this single destroyed all excitement i once had for this project and, despite all subsequent singles being decent to good, my interest has never really got back to where it once was. several others factors had me worried about the final album (its quick development time, its cover art, its name) and it appears my worries were well placed because Crusher is just straight up boring. this is the biggest problem with Crusher, it just isn't interesting - there were many songs i was just bored while listening to, with a perfect example being the 'emotional cut' of the album 'when i'm around', one of the most boring tracks of the album. highlights include cry with you and sex and cigarettes, with jeremy getting more personal here and singing on some decent production. unfortunately this momentum cannot be held and the album fizzles out by its last two tracks when i felt like i was just listening to white noise by the end, it doesn't help that jeremy got keshi (one of the most boring artists working today imo) to provide a feature for 'sociopath'.

Crusher just feels under baked and unfinished, which could make sense as it happens to coincide with a tour jeremy had planned for october and november so maybe it was pushed out because of that, but hopefully his third album can be correction course into something more interesting and properly well rounded, maybe working on his writing skills as he goes...

best: cry with you, sex and cigarettes, honest (yeah its lyrics are super cringe but its kinda fun lol)
worst: don't come over, i'm an asshole, no one hates you (like i do), 18 (fuck this song, i hate it so much)

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