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Crumb - Ice Melt
Ice Melt
May 11

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Crumb - Ice Melt
Ice Melt
May 11

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JacksonLerner -
‘IGOR’ is the pinnacle of rap-production: placing poetry, samples, ad-libs, feelings, and concept art into an intelligently crafted lover’s narrative. tyler creates an album truly capturing the human condition.

what sticks out, to me, are the breathing sounds placed throughout the album; they implement a humanistic element in the music.

breathing is used to hype up “NEW MAGIC WAND”, in warning for the dracula drop in “WHAT’S GOOD”, expressing ... read more

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JacksonLerner -
my expectations for king gizzard and the lizard wizard are high and wide, yet i was completely shocked to hear their new endeavor ‘butterfly 3000’.

i struggled to understand the microtonal works of this group, so their last two studio albums - ‘k.g.’ and ‘l.w.’ - hadn’t really met my personal standard for king gizzard and the lizard wizard. thus, i simply wasn’t expecting too much when i pressed play on this album; i was totally wrong in ... read more
JacksonLerner -
the ‘seven swans’ project feels like an epic work, especially when the holy moments hit: such as when sufjan meets lord during “seven swans”, or, when sufjan narrates the process of dying and growing wings on “we won’t need legs to stand”.

stevens exhibits a sense of unrelenting determination on this equably crazed folk album.

there are certain nonsecular events within ‘seven swans’ which completely impress. the underlying themes of ... read more
JacksonLerner -
‘blue weekend’ shines in it bareness. the third album by wolf alice presents a variety of vibes and genres. the result is an expanding, everlasting project which guarantees enjoyment.

by numbing down the rock, and often toning down the volume, somehow wolf alice emerge louder than ever. the group’s emphasis and ideas come across clearer than anything they have previously released.

after winning the coveted mercury prize award, wolf alice had cemented their cult status and ... read more
JacksonLerner -
as advertised: ‘for the first time’ is the pinnacle of british engineering. these six tracks encompass an odd type of flawlessness. this record really cannot be any better.

‘for the first time’ is mind-boggling, especially when isaac wood shouts the term “black country!” during the shockingly excellent outro to “science fair”.

the regular mixture of saxophone and violin with the guitar/bass/drums/keys combo creates a unique fusion. the striking ... read more
JacksonLerner -
this project is gas. crumb are back and sounding better than ever.

‘ice melt’ means water, and that’s what crumb are on their second lp. the group’s sound flows as smooth as a liquid.

many people attest that crumb’s second album is “underwhelming” and “forgettable”. what i argue is that crumb’s music results in a calm psychosis within the musical environment. thus, this general opinion of mediocrity is simply a misunderstanding of ... read more


Jun 19, 2021
hey friend
Jun 16, 2021
Thanks for following
Jun 15, 2021
That's a great cover!! I've been pretty obsessed with LCD Soundsystem as of late, so thanks for the song. I've never heard of the band who made that cover, so I'll definitely have to check out that band's material sometime soon.
Jun 13, 2021
wolf alice indeed!
Jun 10, 2021
Ay congrats on 2000
Jun 9, 2021
It's no problem, and thanks for the kind words as well!
Jun 8, 2021
I listened to 7 by beach house cos the cover looked cool and wow its amazing. Like holy shit its so good.
Jun 7, 2021
ty! ive never listened to beach house so ill check that out! Ill also look at the tobias one. <33
Jun 6, 2021
Any album reccomendations? <333
May 21, 2021
Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I reviewed the album you recommended me! I'm sorry it took so long but I was able to get it done. I really enjoyed it and thank you so much for leaving a recommendation :)

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