Alexandra Savior - The Archer
3d ago (updated 3d ago)
magnificent: might be year’s best production.

released ten days into the new decade, this is the first great record of its time; with a portishead type unconventionality (bad disease/but you). it ends with a seemingly true, poetic essence in its title track, and then everything starts over!

when one listens to this album in order, they realize that the emotions or aspects of a song had begun on the previous one! (Example, crying starts in track two rather than track three (crying all the time); and HOWLing starts track three rather than four (howl) etc.)

savior’s voice is THE FORMULA: (soft, jarring piano paired with drums that could easily be mistaken for bass; a bass supplemented by deep pits of anger throughout tracks like ‘saving grace’ or ‘bad disease’).

track listing is outstanding, especially for such a brief record at 30 mins. each track is subjectively better than the previous one, making a creation that’s beautiful and ever changing. the album continually evolves.

this has the dark (opposite) sound of a perfume genius sketch. or, some mix of stella donnely’s honest power, with an arctic monkeys easygoingness ? that’s this: an emotional record; it goes IN BEAUTIFUL ORDER to make a unique sound.

the canon side of 2020: savior starts the record with an urgent hue, “seven years, *minor swing in voice* seven years I’ve had bad luck”. (soft) ballad piano, slide guitars, rage, crying (all the time), TRAP DOORS (end of side one vs. beginning of side two),

funky piano and bass (send her back), masks (can’t help myself),

THEN FINALLY THE ALBUMS TRUE ESSENCE for the rest of the way: (phantom-). it’s a truly honest, dark side with a complimentary bass. the bass is supplemented in rather unconventional presences, it cements a secretive feeling.

this desert rock is ...beautiful ? i don’t think i’ve ever heard that before. the production is candy, truly atmospheric songwriting.

the secret is that everything is constantly changing. the uses of sounds, emotions, etc. are paralleled for every song.

imagine queens of the stone age meets portishead + angel olsen !
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