Yves Tumor - Heaven To A Tortured Mind
Jan 13, 2021 (updated Jan 13, 2021)
wow, Yves Tumor hits us with a music mix of performance art, soul, electronic, alternative, jazz, glam, experimental, noise, art rock, punk, psychedelic, and much more.

‘Heaven to a Tortured Mind’ is extremely intricate and very weird. although, it is not nearly as “weird”/existentially unique as Yves’ last album.

this addition to his discography is a detailed cut that might be his most cohesive album yet. Yves’ performances are complete.

“Gospel for a New Century” includes clarinet, flute, two saxophones, grooving bass, grunge vibes, and most importantly, Yves himself. it’s produced practically perfect. this lead single properly serves as the opening track, as “Gospel...” is appropriately accessible. rather than a track like “hasdallen lights” as lead single.

“medicine burn” starts with a quick drum click, and then the chaos ensues. this is one of the more punk songs. i kinda get kid cudi vibes; as, with Yves Tumor’s music, there’s usually that underlying feeling of hip-hop.

the lyrics are creepy yet colorful,

“i saw a man sit in front of ah, ah, ah
Scarlet colored teeth, she had seven heads
And six hundred teeth, and six hundred
Severed heads on the mental guillotine
Laugh of blasphemy”

the words depict a man morphing into a “she” and then turning into some form of a monster. the crazy, psychedelic lyrics are merely a small part of the entertainment. with Rhodes and Juno keys, effects, Gina Ramirez on bass, etc. the music is wildly accessible even beyond its cultish vision.

“identity trade” is a trippy chillwave tune. it’s like an indie-pop song... but way darker, more goth. it’s got a muted flute solo accompanied by the aforementioned cohesion of instruments.

“kerosene!” is a chill duet between Tumor and Diana Gordon (fka wynter gordon). being the second single from the album, it is utterly complete. the mixing and mastering processes have clearly been labored over. there’s a burning guitar solo (that’s not cheesy), and Diana’s astute vocal performance.

“hasdallen lights” is a short vaporwave song that combines trap, a sample of Sue Barker’s “Love to the People”, a good use of editing, electronic and pop.

“romanticist” notably features kelsey lu. it’s incredible. it’s neo-psychedelia at the finest level. it sparks. the music explodes with energy and groove. the lyrics are engaging, and there’s nonstop flow. the track acutely transforms into a rather linear path of understanding. the complex elements of the song are made easy to understand by the excellent team behind the music. it transitions directly into

“dream palette” featuring julia cumming, which contains some of the most engaging performances of the album. the chemistry between julia and Yves combine for a great trip of experimental music. Yves is hypnotic and mesmerizing, julia has a high intensity and enchanting factor. her chaos matches Tumor’s. all coalescing in “dream palette”, a fitting final single from the album rollout.

“folie imposée” sounds a lot like Frank Ocean. the light production paired with the high pitched masculine voice. then, the poetic essence escalates into a grander song with a sonic boom. the production gradually expands and descends. it reminds me of earlier in Arca’s career, with the near indistinguishable vocals.

"super stars" is a funk inspired love song that sounds from the eighties. the vocals are smooth. it's got an r&b style for sure. it's got a psychedelic soul edge to it.

“strawberry privilege” is an infectious beat that draws the listener in. it’s a detailed soundscape that’s easy to fall into. additionally, this track is another julia cumming feature. her calming energy aids the track’s comfort level. sometimes dark, trippy songs can be overwhelming. the restraint of this music avoids any distress on the listener, and the addition of other musicians and vocalists helps the overall enjoyment.

“asteroid blues” is the only (largely) instrumental song on the album. it is full of “[non-lyrical vocals]” and that’s quite fun. the track bumps. it’s a spacey epic that pairs noise rock with industrial and punk. totally worth checking out this quick highlight.

on “a greater love” Tumor collaborates with Hirakish. the song is pretty okay; nice and calm. finally, this track ends the regular version of the album.

the Japanese version of the album contains one more track “Folie Simultanée”, or “Simultaneous Madness”. the song is unreleased on streaming services, although a mid quality version is available on youtube, https://youtu.be/KJE7d2v7CVo

the main producers on ‘Heaven to a Tortured Mind’ are Justin Raisen and Yves Tumor. Yves’ flow is a highlight throughout the album. it’s worth mentioning that there are numerous samples throughout the tracklist.

this album is quite avant-garde, something tumor is known for.
Jan 13, 2021
nice but what about super stars?
Jan 13, 2021
i just added something for super stars :) @reedybdeedy
Jan 14, 2021
Great review!! :)
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