Ashnikko - DEMIDEVIL
Jan 15, 2021
ashnikko is taking the rap game by storm. she carries herself with an admirable amount of confidence. there’s a distinct attitude and style to her music.

i was hype for this mixtape, and it doesn’t disappoint. the production carries any moments that fall flat. meanwhile, ash retains all attention with her voice being the forefront of the music. the consistency of this mixtape is better than any of her previous releases (although none of the individual tracks slap quite as hard as the og “invitation”).

“daisy” is fittingly the first track. not only is it the lead single: it’s one of the best tracks. it’s complete; full of sound effects, progressive lyrics, and great beats. the track captured my attention and maintained my interest, no matter how many times it went on repeat.

as ashnikko claims on track two, “toxic”,
“you can’t stand to see me shine..

her flow is pretty underrated, as evident throughout ‘DEMIDEVIL’. the lyrics, per ashnikko usual, are entertaining as hell. the energy on this track conveys the music even better than the lyrics.

“deal with it” features one of Ashnikko’s best performances, as well as kelis. some of Ashnikko’s vocals on this track really stand out.

“slumber party” collaborated with Princess nokia. throughout the song it drips with swagger. there is detailed storytelling and vivid descriptions.

“drunk with my friends” is a trap bop with some cool writing. the production on this song is truly stellar. it’s so unique. it’s got entertaining lyrics where Ash does her thing and practically polarizes the audience.

“little boy” is a powerful song. it begins with a dig at masculinity.
“there’s not a man on earth that i trust”
the song o weds to turn into a feministic anthem of sorts. ash proclaims,

“Women hold the weight of the world
but you still talk down and call me little girl...
My body's not an object or dessert
I am not your bitch”

the song is such a power move. Ash is bold and it pays off. possibly the most underrated song on ‘DEMIDEVIL’.

“cry” features Grimes, whom clearly had some influence on the production. it actually sounds like a grimes production, which is high praise. the music video is crazy, and a lot of skill went into creating the animated universe. likewise, the song itself is a soundscape. it feels full of sounds and instrumentation.

“l8r boy” is ash’s take on Avril lavigne’s “sk8er boy”.

“good while it lasted” is definitely alternative music. it’s more emo than it is rap band when combining these elements, this track is a standout in terms of vibes and quality.

“clitoris: the musical” is one of the most important songs on the album, despite its disappointing production.

overall, Ashnikko is still finding herself music wise. the music is consistent, although i believe that she is capable of so much more. this mixtape is a promising peak at her massive potential.
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Jan 22, 2021
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