Mogwai - As The Love Continues
from the top of the album, mogwai begin stylishly. the first track’s title is uttered: “to the bin my friend, tonight we vacate earth”. the immediacy of this line introduces us to the journey which subsequently occurs.

it seems that mogwai are taking us on a trip throughout space, as wonderful scenery is shooting by, all around. the atmospherics forcefully transport the listener to a place where the music feels expansive and bright.

“midnight flit” is the standout on a record full of intergalactic gems.

exactly halfway throughout the first song, everything explodes into a sonic wave of sound that rushes over the music.

“dry fantasy” demonstrates the ambient prowess of this band. mogwai are more than punk rock: they are a musical institution; a dependable band that continually surprises with quick successions of quality releases.

“ritchie sacramento” is a lead single for good reason: it is a mogwai song full of lyrics. a true rarity.

some of the best mogwai songs are the ones which feature their heartbreaking words. this song even mentions ghosts, which are a common theme throughout mogwai’s songs.

“drive the nail” is a slow building highlight from ‘as the love continues’. it is the first track to follow the two, back to back, lead singles. thus, it is one of the higher quality songs on this record. it’s a jam.

i actually like “fuck off money”. at first, i thought it was a bit difficult to get into, especially with the drunken, distorted, and inaudible vocals. now though, i really enjoy the track. i especially love the end, as the extended outro showcases mogwai’s expert craftsmanship.

that brings us to “midnight flit”... WOW! the track is quite impressive. this one’s my favorite because of the orchestration. it is a machine where everything falls into place.

“midnight flit” is another slow build. it begins as a mysterious ambient number that progressively grows deeper and more experimental. there are sparks and shooting electronics added in.

the drums kick in at exactly the one minute mark. when the drums combine forces with the aforementioned elements, it sounds absolutely wonderful. the percussive meanness of the atmosphere immidiately sheds a spotlight onto drummer martin bulloch. he is timely and on point.

there are droning subelements in the foreground as the drums carry the pace. the orchestration is suddenly introduced and blended into the music until its barely noticeable.

just as the strings seemingly disappear into the background, they suddenly grow into a powerhouse. they take control of the tune and carry it in their own direction. the strings swing up and down as their intensity reflects the song’s drama.

the music feels like a flying saucer speeding through an asteroid field. there’s many threats throughout their field of vision, and the sonics reflect this.

the orchestration is mixed with light keyboard effects and many electronics. the peaceful power of these pairings bring about a sense of comfort.

at approximately the 4:00 mark, the drones, sparks, flying saucer feeling, piano, intensity, undefinable bass, show stealing drums, etc. combine into one sound. it’s epic electronica.

progressively, elements disappear and occasionally reappear until only the strings are really left. they pizzicato their way through a peaceful ending. overall, it’s a 10/10 from me, chief.

“pat stains” is an instrumental that feels completely trance like. it’s in a state of confusion, and it sounds like a foggy marsh. it grows into lots of bubbly hullabaloo, as the song gains texture.

it’s as if there are minute, tiny horns in the background. there’s this undercover jazz feel to the song, as the light chaos suggests some new combination of genres for mogwai.

“supposedly, we were nightmares” is one of the more memorable songs on this album. it’s four and a half minutes, which is a short song for mogwai, so they waste no time.

it is a blasting punk song with a sense of holiness. punk and holiness are two things that are not often combined, so the result is something special. there’s a sound of an angelic choir mixed in with the grunge vibes.

the drums passively attack the listener; it is as if mogwai want to sound bombarding, but not aggressive.

“it’s what i want to do, mum” is a dark, eerie, extended outro for this project. it sounds as if it were recorded in a dry cellar. the tune gradually builds into a heavy, spacey sensation. the whole song feels like a release. rather than “build and release”, it “releases and builds”.

mogwai’s latest effort is completely special. it’s an extremely consistent record that continually imprints itself into one’s subconscious.

i feel physically uplifted after listening to this album; i could go running.

‘as the love continues’ truly moves the listener. working through this album provides great feelings of discovery and astonishment, as mogwai, and producer david fridmann, get this record to sound truly divine.

side note: this is one of mogwai’s best album covers yet. definitely their best artwork in a long while.
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