Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises
Mar 26, 2021 (updated Apr 7, 2021)
there’s an unpredictability about ‘promises’ which gives this project a distinct edge. there aren’t many creations truly like this one, as it seems to be a one of a kind mix of ambient, orchestral, and jazz music.

all transitions throughout the album are unnoticeable - which is insanely good.

something interesting is that every single movement begins with the same riff or theme. in other words, these artists have the ability to entertainingly vary their presentations for every single movement.

it seems that it is challenging for pharaoh sanders to go slow, as floating points practically demands for the ambient product to be a far reaching, understated soundscape.

an instrumental drama builds throughout the album. london symphony orchestra help create stunning soundscapes that feel.

each transition between movements is impressive, and when all these transitions are put together into one cohesive project, the project becomes outstanding.

throughout movement one, the artists use silence as their superpower. pharoah sanders takes attention away from the fading ambience and clearly steals the show.

movement two shows the music’s style taking a more laid back approach. the relaxing atmospherics are encompassing.

movement three has some chiming piano and indescribably lush sounds. toward the end there’s a hooting, and it seems like there’s a mechanical owl within the music.

movement four has my favorite part of the record. there’s a deep voice indecipherably scat singing. the voice is strumming and vibrating like a guitar. then, pharoah reappears and delightfully performs with his saxophone.

movement five begins with pharaoh sanders’ extended solo. in actuality, movement five begins in the middle of the solo, as pharaoh’s solo continues from the end of movement four throughout the first three and a half minutes of movement five. this track stands tall as the centerpiece of the project, and deservedly so. sanders employs one singular extended section for movement five and it’s astounding.

the song ends with a minute of quiet, as the main theme continues repeating.

movement six has extreme drama which implodes and buried itself inward. london symphony orchestra go off on movement six. the track starts with some quiet sounds which slowly pick up. the strings gain serious complexity as they ascend toward the middle section. they eventually swirl around and surround the listener with chaotic, dramatic swells of instrumentation.

movement seven shoots sparks about the ambient landscape. it begins as an extremely quiet song, and it gradually builds into the longest track. this happens for good reason because there are many distinct ideas present on movement seven that aren’t present anywhere else on this project. ideas such as hectic jazz, abrasively loud dynamics, deteriorating ambiance, spacey electronics, and the aforementioned sparks. at many points, the sax ensues in chaos.

movement eight is calm. it’s a bit boring, and a bit too toned down. it ends in sixty three seconds of silence, which isn’t really surprising considering the whole first half was close to silent. this quiet, however, presents movement nine as a hidden track.

movement nine is shrilling. it serves as a grand climax to ‘promises’. the orchestra feels intense on this song, even during the quiet moments. the middle section of the song is beautifully in your face. it’s almost aggressive how loud the orchestra are playing. the high pitched swings turn explosive when they participate.

the orchestral chops are apparent as ever on movement nine, and it is an appropriate closer.
Mar 26, 2021
i love the whole lowercase format here, lmao. Looks neat and aesthetic af. Also the writing quality is impeccable as always
Mar 26, 2021
:) why thank you @tombejoy !
Mar 26, 2021
The unnoticeable transitions combined with the fact that each movement starts off the same made it such a smooooth listen.
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