Kero Kero Bonito - Civilisation II
Apr 21, 2021 (updated 1d ago)
kero kero bonito prove they truly are well rested as the group resumes their indefinite prime.

they release ‘civilisation II’ on their own terms, dropping an unexpected double single to complete this ep.

the extended runtime of “well rested” helps its structure by allowing the song to expand and relax. instead of kero kero bonito’s extremely tight musical parameters, which result in excellence, this song has more of an exploratory nature. thus, more space is required within the music.

a runtime of seven minutes gives “well rested” a spacey feeling. being the final song on ‘civilisation II’, “well rested” is insane. it’s very trippy, so much that time feels loopy.

“well rested” is incredibly put together. the song feels freer, in a sense, than other kero kero bonito songs. the music feels different.

around the halfway mark of “well rested” there’s an anticipated bass drop. the daft-punk esque electronics sound full of motion, and the song’s effects are gleaming. perry announces,

“and we will be well rested
when the ascension comes”

as perry states this, the spacey beat turns into a rave type vibe. the grand lyrics directly prepare the listener for the musical ascension which follows.

the lyrics throughout “well rested” are wise and all-knowing. “you cannot stop civilisation” is the final phrase uttered, as there emerges a stream of water for an outro. this outro is symbolic of how kero kero bonito have drip.

the extraordinary talent shown on “well rested” reflects how great the tune is. it ends in running water which gives the music extra texture.

there’s an embellished amount of freedom within “well rested”, and, as result, lasers form within the music.

“21/04/20” is what brings ‘civilisation II’ down a bit. it’s not on par with the other two tracks. smartly, it is a rather brief track. its lo-fi setting sounds pretty laid back for a kero kero bonito song.

the percussion is very good, and the beat is fairly fire. perry’s pitch is on point. the keyboard feels like candyland. overall though, “21/04/20” sounds sorta dull.

‘civilisation II’ astounds and surprises: i totally was not expecting this release to include two new tracks, and i certainly did not think that this project, which is merely three songs, would span the runtime of an entire album. it is delightful to hear the final result.
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