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Compton, Azerbaijan
My music taste is objectively better than yours MY RATINGS: 100 = The GOATs 95 = God tier 90 = Masterpieces 85 = Some Fantano favourite shit probably 80 = Good 75 = Decent 70 = Can't hate it 65 = Alright 60 = Meh 55 = Death Grips imo 50 = Probably some radio pop shit idk 45 = Very meh 40 = Not good 35 = Not enjoyable 30 = Bad 25 = Unlistenable 20 = Fuck this 15 = abuser homophobic deceased 10 = Your favourite album 5 = biglasagnayeet's music taste 0 = Lil Xan probably
Hong Kong
HK Ratings based on personal enjoyment 85+: personal favorites 80-84: impressive 70-79: great 60-69: good 50-59: decent 40-49: nope 0-39: bad
Baton Rouge, LA
I: Obviously love music, major in biochemistry at university, play drums for a hobby, will pick up the piano someday, will get into a workout routine at some point, stay indoors pretty often yet love the outdoors when in the mood for it, play select video games, sometimes delve into puzzle books and collect them, and need to go to more concerts. The end (maybe).
Hello! I listen to a wide variety of music, but I'm particularly fond of indie, punk, hip hop, and pop. I use a 5 star system (no half stars!), meaning that my scores are very discrete. 1 star (Terrible) = Bad. Actively disliked the experience 2 stars (Not good) = Not great. Tolerable though. 3 stars (Fine) = Fine. It's good! Just fine. 4 stars (Great) = Great! Loved the album 5 stars (Must Hear) = Amazing. Left me with something to think about (musically, lyrically, etc)
I love listening to cool music. Mostly listen to recommendations of my brother and father.
cinéfilo sem personalidade
Instagram: Cowboy.wefle :) mi abuelo me decía: escucha pequeño cuck, mis gustos son GOD los tuyos ZZZ; Estoy basado, tú das cringe; soy chad, tú virgen, y eso no vas a poder cambiarlo (es broma, no sean elitistas lol)
working on it
Louisville, KY
bitches be shoppin @risemonger2 is the goat btw
Tours, France
Le french shoegay monsieur
listen to my album which was entirely produced, written and performed by me (made in my bedroom). it's about a vampire finding a place in the world. you will notice i sampled a lot but i hope you like it <3
*Reviews uma vez na vida e outra na morte. 90/100 = Excelente|Obra Prima 80/89 = Ótimo|Bom 70/79 = Bacana|Decente 60/69 = Ruim|Salvo pouco coisa 50/59 = Péssimo|Descartável 49/00 = Porcaria BR~
It's just your standard rating system: 100: Perfect (theroretical) 90-99: Masterpiece 80-89: Fantastic 70-79: Great 60-69: Very Good 50-59: Pretty Good 40-49: Meh 30-39: Pretty Bad 20-29: Very Bad 10-19: Dog Water 0-9: DOG WATER
100- goat 90~96 - masterpiece 80~89 - great 70~79 - good 50~69 - normal 30~49 - not good ~29 - trash
14 any prns i try not to be pretentious 100 - perfect 99-90 - masterpiece 89-80 - damn good 79-70 - just good 69-60 - alright 59-50 - kinda bad 49-40 - ass 39-30 - hell no 29-20 - aw hell nah 19-10 - never wanna hear again 9-0 : .....
your mom's house
music enjoyer, mediocre pianist, the next anthony fantano (real) p new to the whole reviewing music thing, follow me for bad takes Rating Scale: 100 - absolute classic, GOAT material 90s - amazing 80s - great 70s - good 60s - not bad but not great 50s - not good but not awful 40s - bad 30s - real bad 20s - real real bad 10s - awful >10 - send help
I don’t write long reviews because I type everything on mobile. How I see the number scale 100 - no bad and no meh songs 90 - no bad songs 80 - great but I didn’t like this this and this 70 - good but the ideas weren’t as expanded upon as they could’ve been 60 - its ok but does nothing interesting 50 - meh 40 - there are some ok moments 30 - i like one or two songs 20 - i like one song 10 - there are some cool moments 0 - beach boys summer in paradise
nota final do álbum = média das notas das músicas reviews baseadas em gosto pessoal gosto de TUDO e mais um pouco pt-br + eng
A 10 is when a piece of art makes you acknowledge its flaws and love it regardless 10 - masterpiece 9 - amazing 8 - very good 7 - good 6 - nice 5 - mediocre 4 - bad 3 - pretty bad 2 - trash 1 - misunderstanding 0 - crime against humanity (never have given one to a single game/movie/album/book)
Hey, my name is Salem, im a huge metal fan. Just like rating every metal album I come across/Albums from bands who have been metal. I do plan on reviewing things soon enough but not right now My ratings are relative to all albums and based on personal enjoyment. 100=Perfect 90s=Amazing 80s=Great 75-79=Very good 70-74=Good 65-69=Solid 60-64=Ok 50s=Neutral 40s=Bad 30s=Really bad 20s=Absolutely terrible 10s=Unlistenable in most ways 0-9=The worst of the worst 17 they/them
i love music, that’s all pmo some music in the shout! 0-21GARABGE 21-50: it’s ehhh 51-70 :it’s okay , give it a listen 71-83 : it’s good/great , but not a must listen 84-91 :AMAZING close to being legendary, MUST LISTEN 92-95: MUST LISTEN ALBUM , LEGENDARY 96-100: YOU HAVE TO LISTEN BEFORE YOU DIE , GOAT ALBUMS
im cherry i like music She/They
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